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Amidst the roar in unison, the knights that rode the wind came down like an iron river and charged towards the Forest City elites around Kieran.

The Forest City elites were jolted. They never thought there would be this many enemies but their pride didn't turn them away from the fight. 

More so, they were facing a group of riders!

They might be terrifying in the sharp weapon era but now?

Firearms rose to the mainstream and had already become the dirge for the riders.

Under the pressure of firearms and cannons, riders had retreated from the forefront of history.


The leader of the elites ordered with a vicious smile.

Right after the order, the guns in the elites' hand were pointed at the riders and muzzle flashes shined brightly.

Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak dak!

Bullets poured down like the storm and clouded the Burning Dawn riders but the scene that followed shook the Forest City elites thoroughly.

The bullets indeed landed on the armor of the Burning Dawn riders but other than causing a little spark, they were totally ineffective—it didn't even stop the riders from charging forward.


The leader of the elites reacted quickly and gave another order.

Dozens of grenades were hurled towards the charging riders right away.


Kaboom! Boom!

Amidst the ground trembling explosion, shrapnel burst into the air but similar to the previous scene, other than a few sparks, the grenades also were ineffective.

While the smoke from the explosion lingered in the air, the Burning Dawn riders charged into the heart of the elite troops.

"Close combat!"

The leader shouted and drew the sword from his waist. The unsheathing motion caused a few sparks and the sword was thrust towards the Burning Dawn rider at the front.

The Burning Dawn rider responded with his own sword slash.

There was no extravagant technique or another flashy aura to the slash, it was just a plain heavy slash with great force.

The rider borrowed the strength from the horse while the horse gathered its strength from the land.



The rider's long sword easily broke the leader's sword and followed the motion to cut the head off as well.

The head flew up high in the air and until the moment of death, shock lingered on his widened eyes.

He couldn't believe the techniques he cultivated through relentless training and tempering didn't even withstand a single hit.

Puk! Puk! Puk!

The death of the leader was like a signal, the sounds of iron swords slashing bodies came in succession and the Forest City elite troops that could rival ten or even a hundred were cut down like wheat.

The Forest City elite troops were not strong enough?

The fact that God of Forest City brought them to Flame City had proven their strength. 

The only mistake was they had to face the riders from Burning Dawn.

Burning Dawn once conquered the ancient battlefield all year long, they were true elites tempered from blood and fire.

Those skillful combat techniques that the Forest City elite troops were so proud of were like child's play in front of the Burning Dawn riders—they looked more like some performance skills than killing techniques.

As for the mythical items the Forest City elite troops possessed?


Each and every weapon and piece of equipment the Burning Dawn riders wore were Magic rank level items, including the war horses they rode and the battle armor the horses wore. 

Therefore, the process was so destructive that it was like breaking a twig from a dead stump, like a hot knife cutting through a block of butter.

In less than a few breaths of time, the Forest City elite troops that surrounded Kieran were wiped clean.

Burning Dawn riders placed their commander in their protection after stepping into formation.

They raised the longswords in their right hands and hit their shield on the left in unison.

Dang Dang Dang Dang!

The clunking from the swords and shields swiftly blended together to form a thunderous rumble.


Following Kieran's order from his heart, the Burning Dawn rode forth!


Similar to a continuous heavy thunder, Burning Dawn charged forward at the remaining elite troops and the God of Forest City.

The rest of the Forest City elite troops showed panic after they saw how quickly their comrades were wiped out and how fierce the Burning Dawn riders were charging at them; even the God of Forest City's malicious gaze showed astonishment.

He was astonished at Burning Dawn's fierce force and was shocked by their appearance.

"How did this bastard do it?"

"A large scale summoning?"

"But there was no casting material involved..."

"A special bloodline then?"

"No, that can't be right. It doesn't feel as such."

The God of Forest City was genuinely shocked by Burning Dawn's appearance but he didn't show any of that on his face; he knew how he had to react to the situation and what he must do.

The way the God of Forest City reacted rewarded him with immediate effect—the Forest City elite troops who panicked a moment ago swiftly calmed down after they saw the calm as water expression of their God.


Should they be worried?

Should they be scared?

No! Absolutely not!

The one standing behind him was God!

A real divine being!

"Although I don't know how you did it, you've missed the window!"

"Now, I'll show you the difference between a mortal and a God!"

"Kill them!" said God of Forest City coldly as he stared deeply at Kieran who was further away.


The elite troops shouted loudly and dashed towards their enemy.

The frantic emotions would only appear on the most devoted believer without a doubt, normal people would be scared thoroughly whenever they saw it.

The even more frightening thing was, a faint radiance appeared on the charging elite troops together with the unique aura of the God of Forest City.

Blessed by the unique radiance, the Forest City elite troops' strength grew at an exponential rate.

"Watch! Numbers don't define the outcome! Real power is…"

Before the God of Forest City could finish, he was stunned and froze on the spot.

Kieran raised his hand up and a white, dazzling radiance was cast on the Burning Dawn riders.

The radiance was much brighter than the one cast on the Forest City elite troops.

The radiance also empowered the Burning Dawn riders a lot more than the Forest City elite troops.

Finally, the God of Forest City couldn't remain calm anymore.

The reason why he occupied a certain spot among the Hundred Gods was because of his abilities to bless and empower his subordinates.

Now, similar abilities appeared on a stranger, how could it not astonish the God of Forest City?

"WHO ARE YOU?!" He shouted.

Kieran didn't answer.

After a glance at him, Kieran turned around and walked towards a certain spot in the city.

The God of Forest City was finished!

The moment Kieran's sudden assault succeeded, the God of Forest City was destined to lose.

Everything after that was nothing but worthless struggles.


A dash of scarlet red flew down from the dark sky swiftly and when it landed on Kieran's shoulder, inconceivable expression was smeared all over the God of Forest City's face.


His sonorous cry of shock was quickly drowned by the horse gallops.

The Burning Dawn riders saluted at Kieran by raising their banner high up after they trampled over the God of Forest City; they then vanished at first light.

Kieran saw the riders off and allowed the sunlight to shower his black feathered mantle.

Golden glimmers came along with the sunlight. 

The lively golden glimmers soon materialized into an item and it was…

The golden radiance after the God of Forest City's death.
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