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Two days had passed since the last meeting.

Ethan Hunt's name had garnered more attention and had become more well-known in the last 48 hours.

Following the expansion of his territory, the horrifying rumors about this "monster" started to spread amongst the commoners. Despite his looks not being scary, he slowly became a synonym of "viciousness" in Flame City.

Kieran didn't care at all, or rather, it was what he wanted.

"My lord, the invitations were sent out according to your orders. Don't worry my lord, everyone invited will come."

Kairi and Kray bowed respectfully in front of Kieran and reported the tasks Kieran had given them.

Although a task such as sending invitations was a first for both of them, forcing others into submission was their expertise.

As for their actions ruining their reputations?

The two from Dublin Street didn't care about being notorious and quite the contrary, the notoriety in their eyes was a display of strengths of sorts.

If it was possible, they wished they could demonstrate their strengths from time to time.

Of course, both of them behaved like kittens in front of Kieran because they knew everything they had right now came from the man before their eyes.

If he could grant them what they wanted, he could take away what they had and he would not show any mercy should the time arrive.

The two of them understood how vicious Kieran could be since they witnessed it first hand, especially over the last day or two, the pressuring aura on Kieran was getting stronger.

He was as arrogant as a mountain and as cold as a blade.

They would feel an immense pressure with any slight gaze toward Kieran.

Kairi and Kray worked meticulously in front Kieran and they tried their best at not making mistakes.

"What about the venue?" Kieran asked.

"We have chosen a big theatre on Dublin Street. The men are working hard to finish up the arrangements, everything should be ready before dark," Kairi answered.

Before Kieran asked further questions, Kray stepped in and presented himself, "Our men are all over the venue and are equipped with heavy firepower. Anyone who dares to step out of place, I'll tear them to shreds."

Kieran nodded and went silent as if he sank in his deep thought.

The atmosphere in the office instantly went silent.

Kairi and Kray dared not even breath loudly in front of Kieran.

Both of them had thoughts of their own, thinking about whether or not they made any mistakes but no matter how they pondered the matter, they couldn't find any.

They didn't produce any sighs of relief though, on the contrary, they were more frightened and anxious than before.

They were worried that their actions or carelessness might have unintentionally offended the lord before them but fortunately, after a few seconds, Kieran broke the silence.

"Kairi, go welcome the guest at the entrance of the street."

"Kray, escort all the items to the venue."

Both of them gave a nod and quickly moved out.

Kieran continued pondering his thoughts in his seat after the two of them left.

At the same time in the shadows, an eye was transmitting the scene without missing a beat to Zackary's "collaborator".

"Seems like Sir Ethan hunt is considering something out of your expectations."

The collaborator mumbled softly while he sat on a sofa.

"Greed is always the biggest cardinal sin but it will always make for the best collaborator and that applies on many levels." 

Zackary who once again dressed in a handsome suit was leaning on the wall, shaking and sniffing the sourish puckery wine in his hand as he couldn't hold back his laughter.

"So you are really going to take the risk?" The "collaborator" asked.

"This is a chance! For me and for you! I don't think we should let it slip," said Zackary.

He finished the wine in the glass with one gulp, he raised his hand and the glass flew to the table beside him.

Zackary then walked outside with the box beside his feet without saying anything else.

He didn't need to ask questions, everything was made clear when his "collaborator" showed up.

"I know right, we shouldn't let the chance slip. Who is willing to be enslaved forever?"

The "collaborator" saw Zackary off and nodded behind his back, he mumbled to himself as he turned to the sunset outside the window.

The sunset was red like burning blood.

Blood was boiling and souls were screaming.

Leave everything in the hands of fate!

Oh, darn fate! Be merciful on the persistent man!

Please have mercy on us!

We are praying with our hearts!

Please have mercy on us!

We will give you everything we possess.

The song echoed in the collaborator's ears again, it had been a long time since he heard it.

He laughed heartily, to the point that tears of joy rolled down his cheeks.



Every man for himself!

"Great Swamp!"


"We're in the end game now!"

The collaborator roared.


The night breeze was blowing smoothly.

When the last bit of sun vanished, grand limousines one after another entered Dublin Street.

The usual folks that lingered around the streets were all gone, only a group of a hundred men in black suits walked the streets.

The black-suited men were 5 meters apart from each other, forming a long line to escort the limousines through the street.

The guests in the limousines were looking at the tall and muscular guards with sharp eyes as well, especially the bulges near their waists, it captivated all the attention instantly.

However, the guests' attention was captivated by the two small buildings at the end of the street.

It was a little inappropriate to call it a building because it couldn't house people.

These temporarily built structures were made out of solid wood and iron and they only served a single purpose: housing the heavy turrets.

Under the searchlight, the black, cold bodies of the heavy turrets were getting colder and scarier.

Gasps were heard in the limousines whenever the guests saw the turrets, even their bulletproof windows couldn't hide their astonishments, similar to how the bulletproof glass couldn't stop the bullets of a heavy turret.

Kairi who was also in a handsome, clean suit listened to the astonishments like music to his ears. His face was showing an everlasting smile as he welcomed the guests.

His lord specifically ordered him to welcome the guests and he would do his best to not shame himself and his lord.

As for whether the guests would act inappropriately further in?

It wasn't his matter to deal with, he was just a greeter at the moment.

Most of the guests from the limousines were couples. 

The ladies saw the yellowish golden chains of bullets around the turrets and their legs were turned to jelly, their male companions had to help them up to the stairs.

The gentlemen were slightly stronger than the ladies but not by too much.

All of them looked pale and one could easily tell they were barely holding up.

However, after they followed Kairi into the big theatre of Dublin Street, the men couldn't hold it anymore.

The place was stenchful! It reeked of blood!

Even paint and aromatic perfume couldn't cover it up!

From a certain aspect, the bloody stench was stinging their noses even more as they ventured forward.

"What is this place? Aren't we heading to the auction venue?"

One of the male guests asked.

"This is the big theatre of Dublin Street, it is also the auction venue for tonight," said Kairi.

"I've never seen such a venue before! The male guest covered his nose and scowled.

"Sir, please, believe me, if you do not wish to be part of the smell, you will learn to get used to the place and the rules here. His lordship's words are everything."

"No questions!"

"No arguments!"

"Don't ask me questions or argue with me as I have told you the consequences."

While continuing forward, Kairi kept his smile and explained the rules to the guests in a clearer, louder voice.

The group had arrived at the main hall of the big theatre after the briefing.

One of the gang members opened up the door without Kairi even asking.

Right away, dazzling spotlights were blinding the eyes of the guests in the corridors.

When the dazzling spotlights went off and returned their sight to them, cries of shock were heard one after another.

What did they see?

A golden stage! And golden seats!

Even the scarlet red carpet on the floor was emanating the unique radiance of gold under the dazzling lights.

Kairi was utterly satisfied with he glanced at the flabbergasted guests.

He knew his efforts were not wasted, hence he straightened his back proudly.

"Everyone, please have your invitations with you. The invitations have the numbers to your respective seats so please be seated accordingly. I've already reminded everyone of the rules here, so please don't place me in a difficult situation," said Kairi.

He imitated a noble by bowing at the guests and walked towards the side of the main hall.

His task wasn't just receiving guests, he had to be the emcee of the auction later as well.

Now, he had to seize the time to memorize the auction list despite the fact that he had memorized it more than a dozen times before this. He realized as the auction drew near, he had to go through the list a couple more times, otherwise, when the auction started, he would be tortured by the anxiety in his heart.

Kray who had just escorted all the auction items to the auction venue walked in as he ignored Kairi. He lit up a cigarette and started to smoke leisurely.

"Damn it! Don't smoke in here! Do you know what are these things around you? If a piece of ash from your cigarette falls on the items, you will cause irredeemable damage to his lord!"

Anxious, Kairi seized the chance to vent his emotions at his old rival Kray.

"You moron! Didn't you see each of the items are inside the lockbox? Have you ever seen cigarette ash penetrating 3-inch thick steel of a lockbox?"

Kray rolled his eyes at his rival in an irritated manner

"Shut up! Those lockboxes will be opened sooner or later!" Kairi scolded him.

Kray jolted.

Annoyed, he dumped the cigarette on the floor and stepped on it with his foot.

Both of them stared at each other after the little fiasco and didn't say anything else.

A minute later, Kairi opened up his collar and heaved a long breath. He raised his hand towards Kray.

"What do you want?" Kray was startled.

"Give me a cigarette," said Kairi in a muffled voice.

Kray immediately laughed out loud when he heard what Kairi said.


His laughs weren't mocking Kairi, instead, it showed his own relaxed state.

He passed Kairi a cigarette after the laughter and even lit it up which was rare for him to do.

A few minutes later, both of them were basking themselves in smoke, spitting out clouds from their mouths.

After two cigarettes on a row, Kray suddenly asked, "Did someone contact you?"

"Yup," Kairi nodded after two seconds of silence.

"You agreed?" Kray followed up.

"Did you?" Kairi asked him back.

No one gave a clear answer but they knew it in their gut.

Benefits were tempting to everyone, who didn't want more?

But compared to benefits, their lives were more important.

Without it, all the benefits were nothing but false promises.

Dak, Dak, Dak.

Familiar footsteps came and both of them jumped up immediately.

They dumped the cigarettes on the floor and put it out quickly with their feet before turning around and bowing.

"My lord."

"Let's begin."

Kieran said quietly after a glance at both of them.

"Yes, my lord." Both of them answered in one voice.

Kairi quickly tidied up his shirt while Kray took the keys to the lock boxes from Kieran.


The first lockbox was opened.


The first knock of the hammer went off in the main hall of the theatre.

The auction had begun.
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