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"Why is the Bird of Death here?"

Questions filled Zackary thoughts but a gun was pointed at his forehead again, preventing him from thinking about the baffling questions.

"Sir Ethan Hunt! This is an accident! I don't know!"

"You want to say you don't know why the Bird of Death appears? Then can you tell me why after two encounters, you as someone belonging to Perforation Sting wasn't harmed by his attacks? Based on what I know, the Bird of Death is merciless against Perforation Sting's men but are you really that lucky? Or does this hint towards the two of you having an unusual relationship?"

Kieran rudely interrupted Zackary before he finished by smashing the handle of the gun on to his face.

Zackary didn't just lose a tooth, his brain suffered a concussion from the hit as well.

Kieran grabbed him Zackary by the neck and said in a cold, gloomy tone, "You piece of sh*t, you said you were just using him! I played along with you because you said it's safe but now you f*cked up everything!"

"I think I should hand you over to Perforation Sting and tell them the things you did, at least you can help repair my relationship with Perforation Sting! I bet they will be interested in you as well, Bird of Death's friend!"

Kieran righteously "pulled" Zackary to his "side", similar to how he righteously framed Zackary for killing Albunai.

Kieran never showed mercy to his enemies but he would treat them differently, like Zackary!

The way Zackary moved and spoke had shown that he was not just some John Doe, there were some other extraordinary points about him.

Perhaps Albunai's worth far surpassed Zackary's, but Kieran wouldn't just let go of his grip on Zackary because of that.

Compared to getting more benefits in the future, might as well get some in the present.

Kieran understood the saying a lot and that was why he killed Albunai and forced Zackary into a difficult position.

He really wanted to know what secrets Zackary was hiding, to the point that he dared to ignore some of Perforation Sting's rules.

Was it Great Swamp? Or… Other Gods?

Kieran wondered in his heart.

As for others?

It was impossible in the view of the natives because only Gods could rival Gods and it was indeed so.

Zackary bitterly smiled under Kieran's pressure.

"I am from Forest City. The Bird of Death must have noticed something unusual on me, that is why he spared me twice in a row. He has provoked the God of Perforation Sting and it would be natural that he didn't want another on his tail."

"Please believe me this time, it's the truth!"

Zackary tried to free himself from Kieran's hand but Kieran gave another hit from the gun handle with a swift backhand.

"You're saying that you are from the God of Forest City? Proof?" Kieran asked coldly.

"I was sent by His Majesty to infiltrate Perforation Sting as a spy. For the sake of my safety, all information regarding my identity has been deleted. Otherwise, I can't fool God in Perforation Sting. Despite being severely wounded in the past and unable to face any other Gods alone now, compared to us mortals, He remained a high existence that we couldn't reach." Zackary continued with a bitter smile.

"Which means nothing?" Kieran said as his face turned slightly unfriendly.

"I don't possess the things that can prove my identity but I can tell you what Perforation Sting wanted to achieve, thus using it to prove myself…"


Zackary tried his best in explaining but Kieran had no intention to continue the useless conversation. He gave another hit on Zackary's face using the gun handle before the conversation could end.

"I don't want to know what Perforation Sting wants to achieve! I want to keep myself alive! Got it?"

As he shouted, it was like Kieran was venting his anger on Zackary, hitting him repeatedly with the gun handle.

After a while, Zackary's face was swollen but one thing's for sure, if he wasn't a half-fiend, he would be dead already.

Still, a half-fiend could still feel pain.

Zackary bared his teeth, gasping for air but he continued with an extremely calm tone, "Following Albunai's death, no matter what you do now, Perforation Sting will not let you walk away from this that easily. Since it is inevitable… why don't we take the risk and take a gamble! Coincidentally, I have a plan that suits the situation."

Zackary was looking at Kieran with his swollen eyes, he was ready to reveal his plan.

If Zackary was hesitant before, after the brutal beating from Kieran, Zackary tended to trust Kieran even more now because he clearly felt Kieran's rage!

It wasn't his experience that told him that but Zackary's bloodline provided him with such senses, allowing him to make sure that Kieran before him was showing his real feelings.

He was really angry that Bird of Death killed Albunai.

He was also infuriated because he had fallen to the bottom of the abyss from his peak.

The rage was beautiful, at least Zackary could temporarily add a true ally to his side.

"What plan? Tell me first, I'll choose if it's doable! Otherwise… I would rather run from it! That damn Footer, leaving all the sh*t to me when he leaves."

Kieran was panting heavily, he was staring at Zackary like an injured beast.

"Of course! We are now in the same boat! Remember the auction that I mentioned?"

Zackary mentioned the auction again.

"The auction? I don't think a damn auction can change my current situation! Besides, are you certain the auction you mentioned now is the same as the one you mentioned before?"

Kieran frowned at Zackary.

"Of course! It is the same! From the start till now, it's the same! I'm not lying!"

Zackary said seriously and when he saw the hesitance on Kieran's face, he threw out the ace that he was holding in his sleeves.

"An auction, of course, won't change your current situation but it will provide you with a chance to change, especially since the item that Great Swamp is concerned about will be in the auction, what do you think it will become then?"

Kieran squinted his eyes.

The item that Great Swamp was concerned about!

When Zackary said that, the baffling, burning questions in his mind were all solved in an instant.

Why did Great Swamp allow all these bastards to run wild in his own territory?

The answer should be the item that Zackary mentioned.


"What is this item?"

Kieran asked.

"This item…"

Zackary instinctively prolonged his tone.
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