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Mountain Foot Street, as its name suggested, it was a street block at the foot of a mountain.

If it was in another place, a street with a name like this wouldn't catch as much attention but not in Flame City.

Great Swamp lived ON that mountain!

The closer the streets to the mountain, the wealthier and more prosperous it became.

When one arrived at Mountain Foot Street, the wealth and prosperity of the street would surpass one's wildest imagination, especially its security, one would easily be awestruck by it.

The obvious outposts and the hidden guards combined with modern technology transformed every building in the city into an indestructible castle and because of that, somethings could be done in a bolder way.

A black extra long limousine drove through a certain building's gate. It went past the front fountain, and through three checkpoints before stopping in front of the lounge of the main building.

There was no need for servants and attendants as the driver and the bodyguard in the passenger seat got down and opened the door for their master.

A short, fat man walked down from the car.

The man was in his prime but his skin had already loosened up. The two slabs of meat under his eye extended over his cheeks, making him look like a bulldog. He was not as cute as a bulldog though.

His gloomy expression plus the triangular eyes made him a difficult person to look at but despite his appearance, he was considered a pleasant scene compared to the one that followed.

Another black extra long limousine arrived, another pair of driver and bodyguard opened the door for their master but this time around, it was a bald muscular man instead of the previous short and fat one.

The bald man had a face full of scars and didn't have a right arm but the more concerning part on him was his outfit and accessories.

He was wearing a black coat that was emanating an unusual luster that normal cloth didn't have yet it wasn't as hard as a leather coat. It was soft and smooth plus it was closely woven.

When the bleach white buttons were added on as garnish, the outstanding presence of the coat was brought to its peak.

However, anyone with extra knowledge wasn't willing to spare an extra glance at the coat.

The short fatty then spilled out his mocking words when he saw the bald man.

"Kanbecker, wearing a coat woven out of women's hair doesn't make you more elegant."

As his sharp voice mocked the bald man, he received a cigar handed to him by his men.

"At least it's stronger than a bulldog barking crazily."

The bald scarface man laughed coldly before he strode over to the short fatty.

The short fatty was still spitting the smoke from his cigar without the slightest change of expression, his bodyguard quickly stepped up and blocked the bald scarface man.

"Move!" The bald scarface man grunted coldly.

The bodyguard in front of him didn't even flinch, he didn't answer nor did he move an inch.

The atmosphere became tense in an instant.

The bodyguard of the bald scar-faced man pulled out his gun as the atmosphere continue to worsen.

When the bald scar-faced man's bodyguard pointed the gun at the short fatty, the short fatty's bodyguard didn't submit and replied with his own gun at the bald scar-faced man.

However, the core character of both sides, the bald scar-faced man and short fatty didn't react to the situation as if the guns pointed at them didn't exist.

"Gentlemen, the reason why you are here is to discuss important matters, not demonstrate your bravado."

The voice came from inside the building and was quite far away yet it was clearly heard by everyone in the lounge.

The short fatty raised a disdainful brow at the bald scar-faced man while the latter smirked a little.

Both of them waved their hands and the bodyguards stepped down with their guns holstered.

As the two men walked into the building side by side, they kept signaling each other with eye contact despite the short journey.

It seemed like both of them weren't as hostile and tense towards each other as they displayed.

Or perhaps it was because both of them had to work together in front of a stronger enemy.

After going through the meticulously decorated corridor, the two met the owner of the building in a study room.

The owner was an aged elder with white hair and a kind smile.

However, both of them wouldn't be fooled by the "kindness" on the surface, they knew exactly who this elder in front of them was.

All of the illegal businesses regarding firearms, drugs, and human trafficking in Flame City were all in the hands of this elder.

In simple words, compared to the elder who never showed his true identity, the two fearsome bosses were nothing but babies learning how to walk.

In fact, in Pisker, the elder's eye, the two of them were really playing a child's game.

Whether it was the attitude towards business or the "rivalry" they had in front of him, they were all childish and ridiculous.

The reason why the Pisker kept the two of them around, despite the fact that they were dispensable, was because he still had use for them, like today's meeting.

"Did you both hear about Dublin Street?"

Pisker asked slowly as he leaned back in his chair like a real old man.

"I've heard about it. Never thought Footer had a much straightforward cousin like this," the bald scar-faced man said.

"Is he really Footer's cousin?" Pisker asked.

"Yes, I've told my men to confirm it with Footer and he himself acknowledged it. That guy is really an idiot, how could he fall into Oaker's trap and put himself in such a sticky situation?"

The short fatty said and showed his sneering smile out of habit.

"I know right, I thought Footer is the one that I needed to raise after you two but…"

"How is his cousin? Did your men approach him yet?" Pisker asked after exclaiming.

"Not yet but I don't think there is the need to. He is just a reckless boy, there is no point for us to approach him."

"Correct! This reckless bastard will only cause us more trouble! What we need now is a stable progression, not fights and conflict!"

The two of them shook their heads one after another as they rarely reached an agreement like this.

"If that's the case… one of you take them out, please. Take him out and take control of Dublin Street," Pisker thought for a while before telling the two of them.

Dublin Street!

Both their eyes shined brightly when the street was mentioned. The rivalry they showed a moment ago crumbled in an instant in front of potential benefits.

"Leave it to me!" Both of them said in unison.

"Huh? Why you? I have more men!"

"My men are more competent than yours!"

Arguments followed right after their answers.

Pisker the elder smiled as he watched the bald scar-faced man and the short fatty argue, he didn't have the intention to stop them. It was the scene that he wanted to see most, why would he stop it?

As for the newly emerged cousin of Footer?

Maybe it was a little wasteful to discard a potential pawn but compared to the grand plan of that "lord", it wasn't that much.

Just as Pisker was thinking about how to reap more benefits for himself as he watched the argument grow fiercer, his window was knocked on.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

After the knocks, the window was opened up and a black object was hurled inside and landed in front of the three of them.
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