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In an unknown area on the outskirts of the big city, Kieran saw Karles.

The spy from the guardians who infiltrated Rachel's inn.

Unlike the last meeting where Karles showed a lazy manner, this time, even though Kieran couldn't see his face, he could feel the nervousness under the system blur.

Karles' T-shirt and jeans outfit were long gone, he was currently wearing a robe-like outfit.

"Increased undercover effect eh."

Kieran got a general idea of the robe after a quick glance.

Obviously, Karles had seen better days, or in other words, no one would show mercy to a traitor, including the guardians of the Witch's Legacy.

"Thank you for coming. I've sent a lot of messages requesting for help but only you showed up in the end."

Karles laughed bitterly when he saw Kieran coming over.

"Help? I am just here to get more information about the Guardians. If the information you provide me is valid, then as an exchange, I can provide you with some help. This is a trade-off, not a voluntary act," Kieran emphasized.

"Even if it is a trade, your appearance still overwhelmed me with joy." Karles seemed to not care.

"Seems like you're in a much worse situation than I expected. Actually staying in your room is much better than stepping out like this," Kieran said.

His words had a slight sense of testing though.

Before showing up to the meeting, Kieran carefully checked the surroundings and didn't find any ambushes. However, he was still treating Karles as a stranger, a stranger with a hostile past, so how could Kieran be carefree about this meeting?"

"If I could I would stay in my room but now, I can't go back. Otherwise, I wouldn't linger here in the outskirts," Karles pointed at the robots farther away.

"The Guardians sent three men to guard three of my lodging spots. As long as I go near them, I'll be killed by the ambush. I never doubted their ruthlessness towards a traitor, just like I don't need to doubt their resolution as the Guardians. So, 2567, I hope you can help me get back to my room."

Karles took a deep breath and looked at Kieran with anticipation.


"I'll become the Guardians' target instead by stepping in to replace you?"

Kieran didn't give a direct reply, instead, he laughed coldly.

It was Kieran's real thought and also a way for him to negotiate his terms. When both converged, it would make securing more benefits from the negotiation easier.

Kieran wasn't a cunning merchant like Broker but whenever he was fighting for his own good, he would never show a soft heart.

When one gave up on the benefits they deserved in exchange for gratitude and praise, it would more often than not cause others to show disdain, spill insults, and consider malicious intent behind the decision.

The human heart was the most complicated thing in existence.

Kieran never hoped to become a saint or a hero, therefore, he placed his priorities on the real and rightful benefits that he could get.

Looking back at Karles, Kieran was waiting for his answer.

"I'll tell you everything I know about the Guardians," Karles said without a second thought.

"Not even enough," Kieran shook his head directly.

"Plus two Legendary items!" Karles added.

"Not enough!"

"It looks like the situation you are in isn't that severe, I don't think we need to continue this conversation anymore."

Kieran shook his head again and pretended that he wanted to leave.

After experiencing Rachel's inn and the little auction room behind it, Kieran had a new understanding of a high-rankers, he would not be moved anymore by the two Legendary rank items that Karles offered.

More precisely, as Kieran grew stronger, common Legendary items weren't anything much to care about anymore.

The reason why Kieran still carried a few low tier items on him was for the sake of remembrance and acting as a reminder for himself.

He kept the items around to tell himself how many hardships he'd been through and how lucky he was to reach his current stage.

He had needed to be both careful and vigilant in order to own what he had now, regardless of how lucky he was at times.

Of course, deep down, Kieran kept them around for old times' sake, for the items, and for his friends.

Unfortunately, Karles wasn't a friend to Kieran, therefore the outcome had been decided from the start.

"Epic! An Epic rank item!"

Karles said in a hurry when he saw Kieran wanting to leave.

Kieran paused his steps but he didn't turn around; he shook his head instead.

"Plus a secret! A secret about the Witch!" Karles added more.

Kieran had quite the interest in the Witch, the woman who once stood on the top of the big city and even now after she left the game, her history was deeply affecting every veteran and high-ranker in the game.

As time went by, his interest didn't get weaker, instead, it grew stronger. Especially after the guardian organization showed themselves, Kieran's interest at the Witch was piqued to a new high.

He really wanted to know the secrets of the woman, even for just a bit.

"Hope it's not something trivial."

Kieran took out the contract scroll that he had been preparing and threw it to Karles.

"I assure you it will not be trivial!"

Karles said as he checked the contact; he wrote his name and returned it to Kieran.

Kieran checked the contract for a second time. He wrote his name and the contract was in effect right away.

Following the contract being activated, Kieran obviously saw Karles heave a sigh of relief.

Not just physically, but mentally as well; Karles didn't hide it either.

"You will never know how helpless and anxious a man can be a man when going against a powerful organization. No matter how strong you are, there are times that you will be troubled by exhaustion. Those people will appear one after another like a swarm of locusts, tearing away at the last bits of your energy! They will continue until you are completely exhausted, thus allowing them to exercise their free will on you," Karles sat down and said in a tired tone.

However, Karles' words didn't earn Kirean's sympathy, even if Kieran really felt the same about what Karles said.

Kieran was clear about his own goal. He wasn't a caring big brother, he was at the meeting for a deal.

As for the others, Kieran didn't want to get involved and he didn't want to even care.

"You want to rest here? Or do you want me to carry out the contracted terms?" Kieran asked directly.

"Contracted terms please."

Karles said directly before sending a trade request to Kieran.

An Epic item appeared in the trading slot.

[Name: Ceremonial Silence]

[Type: Defensive Gear]

[Rarity: Epic]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: Extreme]

[Attribute: Silence]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Spirit A]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is one of the holy relics of Holy Eyes Church. Although Holy Eyes Church wasn't recognized by the people, one must admit how magical their relics were]


[Silence: Any Chanting, Singing spells or divine techniques lower than rank I will be silenced; +50% casting time of any Chanting, Singing spells or divine techniques that are below rank I; +20% casting time of any Chanting, Singing spells or divine techniques that reached rank I or above. Unable to target Chanting, Singing spells or divine techniques over rank III. Able to use twice per day.]


"A hat?"

Kieran confirmed the trade when he saw the hat which could hang over a mantle or a cape.

However, Kieran raised his hand and stopped Karles from talking further after the trade; his eyes turned to a side.

A few figures were already faintly showing themselves.
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