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The battle?

The killing ended within a split second.

When Willis reacted to what happened, he saw Shadow Freak's crushed head all over the floor and Gluttony's hand tainted with blood.

"What the…"

"Glutton Emperor? Shouldn't you be…"

Willis couldn't tell apart Gluttony and the real Kieran.

He asked out of instinct but before he finished, he was forced to a halt by Gluttony's gaze.

The vicious and hungry gaze caused Willis' back to go numb.

Willis felt what Shadow Freak felt before he died, the primordial beast didn't just wake up, it woke up in a famished state.

"T-There is food over there! Have it if you like!"

After a gulp of saliva, Willis tried his best in speaking in a clear manner.

The moment his words subsided, Gluttony who was already restless charged towards the intact burgers, stuffing them into his mouth one by one; he swallowed the burgers without chewing.

Willis' jaw dropped when he saw the scene, he was looking at Gluttony with a look of disbelief.

"So this is how the name Glutton Emperor came by? This is... too shocking!"

Willis uttered a term which he thought was appropriate to describe Gluttony after some thought.

He then quickly picked up the phone and dialed it.

"Hello, I want to make an order for 30 packs! No, no, 50 packs! We are not having a party, no need for ribbons and balloons!"

When Willis put down the phone, Gluttony was finished with the burgers and was looking at him with a fairly peaceful gaze.

Willis heaved a sigh of relief, at least Gluttony didn't treat him as food.

"Do you need anything else? Is there anything you don't eat? Or what do you want to eat the most?"

Willis asked Gluttony.

"More!" Gluttony asked.

"More? You mean 50 pack isn't enough? Or the varieties isn't enough?"

"Okay, lacking both, I'll make more orders!"

Without further conversation, Willis found the answer from Gluttony's facial expression and change in aura.

Another round of orders was being made and with extra delivery fees, the delivery reached the Hero Alliances' headquarters faster than usual.

None of the delivery boys were surprised by the amount of food Willis ordered though, they were used to the big appetites.

As its name implied, the Food Lover Alliance.

The delivered food was piled up like a mountain and Gluttony jumped inside like a Scrooge swimming in a mountain of gold.

Without Gluttony's threatening gaze, Willis quickly contacted Drexton, he needed to deliver the news to his boss.

However, as Willis switched scenes with his "eyes" trying to locate his boss, he was stunned on the spot when he saw the scenes at the various locations.

17th Randletine Street, Spicy Hot Kitchen, Chelsea Hot Dogs, etc.

Willis saw Kieran's figure fighting with the supervillains throughout said locations.

"Clones? Could it be…"

Willis came back to his senses after being stunned for a while.

His face then changed drastically as he thought of something else.



"Wine Barrel, Herzer? Glutton Emperor, 2567?"

"Too many obvious weaknesses! What a bunch of useless gluttonous trash!"

The thin young man in the deeper parts of Smorewill Street got wind of the situation. He laughed wholeheartedly and his words were full of disdain and contempt.

Cold killing intent was flashing across his eyes.

"Clones eh, not too shabby! But there must be many restrictions for you to create clones! Either weakening the strength of the host or increased stamina consumption, there might be some other negative effects as well… So which one are you, Glutton Emperor?"

The thin young man muttered softly to himself.

He then raised his hand, giving an order to the man beside him, "Tell them to move out right now. Fist of Justice is alone now. If they still can't win, I'll feed them to the dogs."

"Yes, boss."

The man quickly ran out to deliver the orders.

10 seconds later, all the supervillains hiding in Smorewill Street started to move out.


"They are coming!"

Knight who was standing on the edge of a roof in Smorewill Street took in a deep breath.

As the commanding officer of this frontal assault, Knight wasn't young anymore given his experience. Despite donning his trusty armor and wielding his greatsword, it couldn't conceal the signs of aging.

His strength and stamina were slipping away with his age as well but the experience alone was enough for him to achieve something the younger ones couldn't.

As the oldest superhero in Alkender City, Knight knew what his role was and where his duty lied.

"Everyone, please charge with me! For the peace and glory of Alkender!"

Knight chanted out loud without even turning around.

That was all he said before he jumped off the roof and dashed towards the crowd of supervillains further away, but it was enough.

The other extraordinary individuals behind Knight followed him off the roof and charged towards their enemies as well.

They might be weird and eccentric during normal days or even wild and untamed, but each of them had their own principles and convictions that were considered as precious treasures.

They didn't hesitate as they charged forward.

There were no battle drums and horns of the ancient times in the battlefield, nor did they have a banner waving in the sky and horses carrying them to their enemies.

What these stubborn and persistent folks had was the resolution to fight for what they believed in.

They raised their fists and opposed injustice.

They wielded swords to cut off cruelty and ruthlessness.

They didn't need any glory or praise for their actions.

All they wished for was peace!


The Knight shouted loudly as he swung the greatsword down.


The other extraordinary individuals shouted loudly as well.

Fire, frost, poisons, blinding lights, etc.

All sorts of energies burst out in the small narrow area and despite their enemies being twice as many, they were not afraid.


Grooom Grooom!

The tremble from the ground told Colossal Arms the battle had entered its climax, he needed to hurry up, otherwise, the others wouldn't last for long.

"Hurry up!"

Colossal Arms said loudly to his men.

The men were the bodyguards from Colossal Arms' security company. Each of them was fully armed with the most advanced weaponry and instruments and were shuttling quickly through the underground of Smorewill Street.

"Boss, located the electric generator!"

"Boss, found the supply storeroom!"

"Boss, got the water purification machine!"

Each of them reported to Colossal Arms of their findings.

"Okay, proceed according to plan!"

"Move out!"

Colossal Arms signaled with a wave of his hand before he grabbed a backpack loaded with C4 explosives.

"Boss, you?"

The bodyguards who should have moved out according to the plan were shocked when they saw their boss' actions.

"You guys wouldn't assume that I have the same mission right?" Colossal Arms grinned.

"But boss, our mission is to destroy the…"

"That is your missions, not mine! My mission is right there!"

Colossal Arms pointed at the deeper parts of the underground of Smorewill Street.

He then pointed above his head, saying, "They are fighting up there. I didn't join them side by side because we have our own way of fighting this war! But our goal is the same!"

"So… I want the 21-gun salute to send me off!"

After a glance at every one of his men, Colossal Arms turned around and left, disappearing from his men's line of sight and into the darkness.

The men saw their boss off until Colossal Arms' figure disappeared completely, only then did they move out quickly. They were twice as fast as before in setting up everything.

"If the boss wanted a 21-gun salute, then…"

"Here comes the salute!"
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