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If the person was really one of Death Knell's, yet committed to serving justice…

Meaning the things that happened before could turn out to be an interesting show.

Kieran squinted his eyes and said without a second thought, "What are you saying? I don't understand."

The vague reply didn't bring any agreement to it, all it had was words to test the person.

Kieran's character had determined that he would never trust the words of a stranger, even if said stranger spent the effort to deliver the phone to him.

A liar was investing while lying to others.

"Of course, of course. You can deny everything, I can't argue about that. We don't have contracts that bind us, nor do I have any solid proof to prove that you are Death Knell's man but… You must warn your collaborator! If he continues to be this reckless, I will not sit back and do nothing." The sinister voice laughed coldly.

"Including barging into 17th Randletine Street?"

Kieran too laughed coldly and his face was showing obvious mocking expressions.

"You wouldn't think those are Death Knell's men right? Seems like your collaborator has become a little scared because of your changes. Do you need me to clean him up for you? The market price of course." The sinister voice laughed again.

Unlike the cold laugh like before, this time he was taking pleasure in the unfortunate.

"I'll deal with my matters myself. If you really have news about Mordin's sculptures, we can trade," Kieran emphasized but didn't reject the so-called "working together".

For Kieran, anyone who could provide news about Mordin's sculpture was a viable candidate to trade with.

Rewards never discriminate against their receivers, right?

"Mordin's sculptures? I won't touch those kinds of strange things. It's like playing with fire. I think our conversation must come to an end. I have to pay a lot in order for us to talk and it's not easy to divert other people's attention. So, if you want to talk next time, you will have to look for me yourself. You know where, so long." The voice hung up the phone.

Kieran looked down at the phone, a cold laugh later, he burned it to ashes.

Was that a friendly reminder?

Unless Kieran was an idiot, he would never believe it.

Or should it be, even an idiot would never believe that Death Knell would show friendliness,

It was a warning!

This phone call was a warning and a test!

Just like how Kieran was testing Death Knell, Death Knell was doing the same to him.

Why though?

The changes in Kieran's strength didn't just cause scruples with "his""collaborator", it also confused Death Knell a lot.

Kieran never cared about the latter but for the former, "himself"?

Kieran looked up to the study room where Emma Eddie was.

"Come out. Next time you eavesdrop, remember to not stop your breath completely, at least maintain it at a certain frequency, don't change it too much," Kieran said.

Emma Eddie in the room didn't respond, Kieran didn't rush her either; he stood there and stared at the door.

He knew Emma Eddie's perception was stronger than others, a single glare from him would cause her to be restless.

In fact, Emma Eddie was indeed restless, but the reason was not what Kieran thought.

"Death Knell!? That phone call was from Death Knell's men?"

"This bastard is one of Death Knell's? No, it couldn't be! Given his arrogance, how could he join an organization like Death Knell?"

Thought after thoughts popped up in Emma Eddie's head, confusing her mind greatly, thus she didn't even notice Kieran's stare but still she walked out of the room eventually.

She didn't sense Kieran's stare but she heard what he said.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to eavesdrop but, just… curious."

Emma Eddie was apologizing after she came out. It was very rare of her, despite her way of saying it not seeming like a real apology in other's eyes.

"Curiosity kills the cat," Kieran said.

"A cat has nine lives!" Emma Eddie argued.

Kieran shook his head after a glance at the tough girl.

He obviously didn't want to argue with her on that topic.

"Now I have a task for you to do and it will have risk but I will reward you considerably after you…"


Before Kieran even finished, Emma Eddie accepted the suggestion.

It made Kieran look at her with a surprised gaze.

He even prepared a lot of excuses to persuade her since he had a grasp of how Emma Eddie's personality was.

"This is to repay you for saving my life back then," Emma Eddie explained.

"That is a promise, no debt of gratitude needed," Kieran said straightforwardly after a slight frown of realization.

"You take it as a promise, I take it as a debt of gratitude. You won't change your view, neither will I. So tell me, what is this task you want me to do?" Emma Eddie waved her hand, pretending to be irritated.

"I need you…"

"Consider this as your temporary bodyguard."

After Kieran whispered the task to Emma Eddie, he called the Frost Wolf pup and carried it into her hands.

"Are you sure about this? A husky? And a puppy?"

Emma Eddie thought Kieran was joking when she saw the wagging puppy in her hands.

"Trust me, it's more useful than you think."

Kieran's praise made the pup wagged its tail even faster.

Its maternal bloodline made the Frost Wolf pup behave more like a hunting hound, it was exceptionally excited and sensitive towards its owner's praise, despite it having exceptional intellect.

"Fine then."

Emma Eddie scowled for a while before heading outside.

Kieran also vanished on the spot as he saw her off.


In the morgue at the police station.

Drexton was checking on Bunder's body.

He hoped to locate inklings of sorts but unfortunately, he got nothing at all.

All signs he have pointed out that Bunder was no one except a common old man.

His body was normal, his network was normal, other than his collection hobby, there was really nothing special about him.

"My employer has nothing to hide."

Colossal Arms said with a gloomy expression.

As Bunder's security chief, his employer's death was no doubt left a huge impact in Colossal Arms' confidence and his career.

Colossal Arms could already hear what comments the outside world had of him later on.

An unqualified bodyguard!

A useless bodyguard!

No matter which, he couldn't accept it.

"I'll defend you." Drexton seemed to have noticed Colossal Arms' though as he comforted him.

"Thanks but I'll deal with it myself."

Colossal Arms hesitated for a while and eventually rejected Drexton's suggestion because in his point of view, if he accepted the aid, he would be escaping from his responsibility.

Colossal Arms never escaped like a coward!

"Willis, double check Bunder's social network again." Drexton contacted his assistant.

"Roger that."

While Willis replied, a series of footsteps sounded outside the morgue.

Chief Officer Pudder strode in.

"My men can't lay beds for your people to sleepover here, can you leave now?"

"Drexton, this is a document that needs your signature from the director."

Pudder then passed a file to Drexton.


After getting the files, Drexton read through the contents carefully. He was flipping page after page that was stating the details about the case and when he reached the last page, his eyes uncontrollably widened.

There was a note.

"Something is wrong with Willis."
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