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Ferris was like a competent butler. The moment the knocking was heard, he moved towards the door and opened it.

"Meow, meow, is 2567 here, meow? His friend is here for a visit, meow!"

Kat Lady was standing outside, waving the shopping bag in her hand.

"Please come in."

Ferris clearly saw 3 sardine cans inside the shopping bag. It didn't stop him from bowing meticulously, inviting Kat Lady in with a "please" gesture.

"Meow, why do you smell like a fridge? Meow hates cold!"

"2567 meow, I still like your smell the most, meow! You are even better than the last time meow!"

She commented on Ferris first and when she saw Kieran, she jumped into the room.

Kat Lady was like a real cat filled with curiosity, looking both left and right after she entered the room.

Kat Lady went to Kieran's desk, sniffing the scent of Kieran; she wanted to lick Kieran's cheeks.

Kieran who already saw her weird habits through Bloody Mary easily dodged her licking.

"Meow, present meow!"

Kat Lady didn't get mad after her lick attack was dodged by Kieran, instead, she raised the shopping bag high and poured the contents out.

Three cans of sardines fell on the desk.

"Thanks." Kieran thanked her sincerely after receiving the cans.

Kieran didn't dislike cheap food either, or one should say, as long as it was edible, Kieran would never dislike them.

From how he looked at it, people giving him food were much better than those extravagant decorations that had no actual use.

"Ferris, heat it up and serve it as an appetizer for lunch," Kieran ordered.

"Yes, boss." Ferris took the three cans of sardines and headed to the kitchen.

"Is he a butler, meow? A cook, meow?" Kat Lady saw Ferris off with her curious eyes.

"A bit of both," Kieran answered.

"What about the maiden, meow? Servants, meow?" Kat Lady continued her cat-like questions.

"They are out to collect information about Mordin's sculptures." Kieran didn't hide the facts from Kat Lady.

"Mordin's sculpture, meow? Scary things meow, but worth a lot meow."

Kat Lady was licking the back of her hand when she spoke.

"So 300K as rewards are still not enough?" Kieran smiled.

He knew why Kat Lady visited him, in fact, it was a very easy guess as well.

Following his title Glutton Emperor spreading like wildfire within Alkender City, every move he took was under the radar of those intentional parties.

Whether it was requesting for Drexton to set up a bounty for Mordin's sculpture or sending Emma Eddie and Bloodman to collect information, each move Kieran made was declaring to the outside world that he was interested in the sculptures.

So, given the circumstances, those extraordinary individuals that visited him would naturally be related to Mordin's sculpture.

Of course, there was another possible outcome as well, but it couldn't apply to Kat Lady before him. The cat-like lady didn't show any malicious intent.

"Not enough meow! At least… Meow? Meow? MEOW?!!"

Just when Kat Lady was about to utter a number of her choosing, Kieran stood up and walked towards the bookshelf. He pulled a book from the bunch and following the tick of the spring behind it, the shelf opened up like a gate, revealing the secret room inside that Ferris purposely crafted and the spoils of war that Kieran looted from Mr. Ghost's base.

Golden radiance!

Shining golden radiance plus the light from the lamp made the scene very dazzling.

Kat Lady covered her eyes and moaned repeatedly.

She then jumped over to Kieran's feet, crawling around him like a real cat and wanted to grab Kieran's bottom of part of his pants.

Kieran quickly moved aside, dodging the cat grab but Kat Lady didn't give up.

"Meow is a pitiful stray, meow! Meow needs a kind-hearted soul to adopt her, meow! You must be a kind-hearted man, meow!"

"Take meow in! Take meow in!"

Kat Lady put on her kitty eyes, looking as pitiful as possible at Kieran.

"Take you in?"

"Let me guess, after taking you in, I'll become your toy and what is yours, you will keep. My sofa, carpet, furniture, all nothing but spots for you to grind your claws. My hands and legs are for you to grind your teeth. You will then look at my face, thinking from the bottom of your heart, what a stupid slave, right?"

Kieran crossed his armed, looking at Kat Lady while his face was showing ridiculing expression.

"How did you know, meow? No, no, don't misunderstand, meow! Meow is different from others meow, meow is…"

"Tell me everything you know about Mordin's sculpture. As long as it is something I don't know and is verified, you can take one-tenth of the gold here." Kieran directly interrupted Kat Lady who was playing coy.

As for offering one-tenth of the gold as payment and not more?

Although all this gold was from Mr. Ghost's stash, it had almost no value in Kieran's eyes, even if he spent it all at once, he wouldn't feel any heartache.

However, he knew if he wanted to get more secretive information regarding Mordin's sculpture, he must spend the gold wisely.

To be honest, he would offer even less if he didn't need Kat Lady to "promote" for him; 10% will be more than enough.

The way he spent the gold wasn't stingy by any means but strategic planning.

"Meow knows the location of one of the sculpture! It's in that collector's place meow!"

"Meow definitely is not there to infiltrate the collection room! Meow is only here asking for your help after they "accidentally" noticed me! Meow is a straight and good meow!"

After knowing how much she would get paid, Kat Lady straightened her body and said with a serious tone but her weird "accent" made her words less serious than she intended them to be.

More so…

"Let's wait until after your information is verified, only then you can take the gold," Kieran said calmly.

At the same time, he grabbed Kat Lady by the collar behind her neck and shook up and down.


A large amount of gold fell off Kat Lady instantly.

"Meow meow meow!!"

Kat Lady moaned in shock repeatedly after she was shaken from the back of her neck. She wanted to resist but her cat-like nature and instinct wouldn't allow her to.

All the gold she somehow pocketed fell off of her right away.

"Don't do that again meow! Meow is angry! Meow!

Kat Lady bared her claws and viciously threatened Kieran when her gold fell off.

Kieran didn't even care about the cat threats, instead, he touched his chin, thinking deeply about this collector.

"A collector under Kat Lady's watch list… didn't just possess Mordin's sculpture and can even notice an extraordinary individual like her… so coincidental."

"You've finally run out of patience?"

Kieran squinted his eyes and curled his lips to a cold grin.
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