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Under Drexton and Willis' dullish gaze, Kieran finished 10 servings of Spicy Hell, without leaving anything behind; the plates were licked to a squeaky clean state.

"Uh... This…"

Willis looked at Kieran who wasn't that tall or that muscular yet finished all the food; Willis was rendered speechless.

He couldn't imagine how Kieran managed to finish all that.

Was his stomach a bottomless pit?

Hold on!

Stomach, bottomless pit!

"Herzer the Wine Barrel!"

Almost instantaneously, Willis thought about another extraordinary individual.

Herzer was also a superhero that saved Alkender City before and similarly had a big stomach that others couldn't comprehend.

The only difference was, Kieran could eat while Herzer could drink.

"Can drink and eat…"

Willis muttered softly, his eyes at Kieran and Drexton started to look weird.

Drexton, on the other hand, laughed bitterly. Of course, he knew why his assistant looked at him in a strange way. Drexton himself had extreme love towards food as well, and there were always other extraordinary individuals with a passion for eating and drinking around him as well.

Herzer the Wine Barrel who could drink half a truckload.

Kat Lady who could easily consume a box of sardines.

Silencer who loved sweets and owned two bakeries himself.

Machinist, the one who required 10 kilograms of meat since he loved roasted meat.

Now, Kieran who ate 10 servings of Spicy Hell and still wasn't satisfied.

"All similar things and people will be attracted by a single point. When that single point was food, the people who liked food would automatically gather around and when meeting people who shared the same passion, the pleasant feeling would surpass all."

Drexton explained to his assistant.

"So is it the reason for you to order two more servings of Spicy Hell? Boss, if you keep eating and drinking without consequence, the Fist of Justice will become the Fist of Eating and the Hero Alliance will become the Big Eater Alliance."

Willis rolled his eyes at his boss; he took out his own beef burger and munched away.

"Big Eater? No, no, it's food lover," Drexton emphasized.

"Is there a difference?" Willis asked with the burger in his mouth. His words were unclear since he was chewing the patty.

"Yup! A big eater only eats a certain food, a food lover eats everything!" Drexton replied seriously.

"Shouldn't it be a big eater eats everything and a food lover eats after having a taste?" Willis asked in a puzzled tone.

"Eat after having a taste? If it's bad, he will leave it? That is blasphemy! An insult to food! That guy shouldn't be called a food lover," Drexton pouted in a disdainful way.

"I agree!"

Kieran wiped his mouth and stood up. He saw that Hoss was exhausted after making a dozen servings of Spicy Hell continuously.

"I'll preorder 30 servings of Spicy Hell for tomorrow," Kieran said."


Hoss didn't show any dissatisfaction against Kieran's ridiculous order since he was considered as Hoss's lifesaver and Kieran showed extreme appreciation for his cooking; Hoss smiled and nodded.

"Drexton, you know any more restaurants in Alkender City that I must visit?"

Kieran expressed his gratitude to Hoss before turning to Drexton.

"Not too many but not too few either. You want a list?" Drexton asked.

"That would be great!" Kieran smiled.

When Kieran took the list and walked out of Spicy Hot Kitchen, he couldn't help but take in a long breath as he was heading towards his temporary lodging spot.

"This is better than I expected!" Kieran muttered to himself.

The battle capabilities that Gluttony showed when delicious food was around had far exceeded Kieran's expectation.

The chaos and darkness that hid deeply in his body were dispersed away 3 times faster than before.

No! They were devoured!

Gluttony was like a hungry tiger tearing its prey apart, munching and swallowing the chaos and darkness.

Although when compared to the all the chaos and darkness in his body, the devoured part was only a hair off of a bull's back, he believed as long as he could maintain it, he would be able to pierce the rock with drops of water.


The only thing Kieran had to think of was to give more motivation to Gluttony.

Looking down at the restaurants on the list and glancing over the addresses, Kieran hastened his steps.


Following Mr. Ghost's defeat and death, Alkender City welcomed a hard to come by period of peace.

Other than Chief Officer Pudder getting even more hardworking in clearing the leftover forces of Mr. Ghost, nothing exciting happened in Alkender City for a while.

Of course, the most eye-catching point was still Kieran.

Whether was it the fact that Kieran took out Mr. Ghost or the few days after, Kieran was visiting many restaurants in Alkender City, both were topics of discussion of the people.

Especially Kieran's appetite!

More than one person had witnessed Kieran consume 10, 20, or even 30 servings of food at once.

The most astonishing point was, after consuming that much food, Kieran could walk towards the next restaurant without a problem and continued the eating spree.

The Gluttonizer!

The Greedy Eater!

The new titles spread like wildfire in the city but that was what the commoners called Kieran.

The extraordinary individuals addressed him as Glutton Emperor!

Unlike the commoners, the extraordinary individuals favored towards strength more.

The strong would be respected; the strong would be crowned.

Even those extraordinary individuals who adored freedom would not deny such a concept.

Being able to take out Mr. Ghost who stood on top of the criminal list and roamed Alkender City for years, Kieran's strength was undoubted.

Despite his love for food, it wouldn't hurt the essentials.

The title of emperor followed his merits.

Kieran, however, didn't care about the titles. Although he knew if the people continued with the titles, the titles would eventually be a second Bird of Death, the title that was recognized by the system and would grant him decent effects; Kieran had no time to care about those now.

He picked up the pizza and stuffed it into his mouth.

The pepperoni and shrimp, the cheese and the crust filled his mouth in an instant.

The pepperoni had the substantial filling of meat and the shrimp enhanced it with its seafood taste. With the cheese acting as a harmonizer, all the flavors were fused into the pizza.

Plus the tiny bits of spices, green pepper, white pepper, sliced tomato, sliced carrots, and cashew nut, with each bite that Kieran took, he was left with an endless aftertaste.

It was as delicious as yesterday but Gluttony didn't react to it anymore.

All Gluttony did was take a taste before going silent.

He didn't even leave the heart since then, let alone devouring the chaos and darkness like a hungry tiger.

"Similar food effects will decrease Gluttony's interest? I must try something fresh and never seen before. So this is Gluttony's true sin eh?" Kieran thought to himself.

His heart even had the intention to leave everything behind and venture to another city to search for more delicacies.

Kieran had a hard time controlling that urge and desire, he knew what the consequences would be if he acted that way.

If the out of control devil bloodline would turn him into a puppet of flesh and blood, what would the out of control Cardinal Sins Force turn him into?

Kieran didn't want to find out, nor did he wish to try it himself.


A deep breath later, Kieran looked at the door.

Dok, Dok, Dok.

Knocking was heard from the other side of the door.

Kieran straightened his body as the guest he had been waiting for finally arrived.
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