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On top of the roof, Fire Raven landed on Kieran's shoulder like a hawk.

Its keen eyes were sizing up its surroundings while it caressed Kieran's cheeks with its head.

Kieran also touched the Fire Raven's wings in return. He didn't even bat an eye at the rapidly withering body of Mr. Ghost.

When he got the details from Ferris, he understood that Mr. Ghost's most talked about abilities were his ability to appear like a ghost everywhere and his attainments in mystical illusions, plus the one time Mr. Ghost appeared in two places at once with the exact same look; Kieran was prepared for this.

Therefore, Kieran sent high demon Bloody Mary in his place to participate in the meeting Willis held.

At first, Kieran didn't expect Vine Whip to be one of Mr. Ghost's clones, the reason why he sent Bloody Mary there was just to allow himself to have a better viewing angle as an observer while using what he obtained to search for Mr. Ghost.

It was all a meticulously planned trap.

Based on his little understanding of Mr. Ghost's character, Mr. Ghost wouldn't have let that slip through his attention and just as expected, Mr. Ghost appeared before Kieran.

With the Fire Raven's sight, Mr. Ghost's figure was exposed with a single glance.

Kieran hid his presence and after a simple ambush, Mr. Ghost was taken out easily.

Of course, Kieran wouldn't think the battle was over.

He heard off Mr. Ghost's ability to appear in two places at once with the exact same look, but it didn't mean Mr. Ghost could only create a single clone.

Judging from the withered body, it was safe to say Mr. Ghost could at least create two or more clones at once.

Out of natural habit, everyone loved to hide one or more aces under their sleeves, Mr. Ghost was no exception; Kieran as well.

"Competing in the number of clones are we now?"

Kieran muttered softly to himself as he walked to the edge of the skyscraper's roof.

The strong wind of the high altitude caused his black feather mantle to flutter loudly, his eyes were gazing over the entire Olinde Street Block.


Kieran raised his arm and Fire Raven soared again.

The ominous voice caved gold and pierced rocks; the ominous name flew and circled the skyline.



"Arrogant fool! How dare he ruin my play!"

Amidst the loud and sharp yelling, Mr. Ghost's figure laid over a body and woke up; he started to recall the last scene.

Right away, endless insults and shame plagued Mr. Ghost, one of the top super criminal in Alkender City.

"You think you've won? Don't you know I am everywhere?! Don't you know…"

Mr. Ghost was mumbling to himself but his voice stopped abruptly when a figure walked out from the shadows behind him.


Mr. Ghost's eyes widened as he saw Kieran who looked proud and arrogant with a puppy in his hand.

Then… there was no finishing his sentence.

Pride triggered the Cardinal Sins Force and the dark flames from the nether realm burned Mr. Ghost's body. Even Mr. Ghost chose to escape via his body shifting almost instantaneously after Pride appeared, the dark flames followed him like his shadow, until his very last breath!

However, Pride coldly grunted when he saw the flames burn the body.

"Pitiful little tricks."

Pride's tone was disdainful. When he was prepared to pursue victory while it was hot, Kieran's order came through his heart and ordered Pride to stop.

What Pride thought, Kieran could see and feel, it was one of the promises for Pride to appear again, sharing thoughts and vision. Likewise, Pride would not and could not defy Kieran's order but it didn't mean he would not vent his dissatisfaction.

So, the other cardinal sins suffered from the dissatisfaction.

Lust covered his abdomen as his body was twitching.

Greed covered his eyes as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Gluttony covered his stomach, kneeling down on the floor.

Wrath became dull and still like calm water, unmoved by waves and ripples.

Envy though acted like a saint or even Buddha, transcending over every materialistic gain.

Sloth who should be sleeping all the time woke up meddling, wandering around in excitement as if he had unlimited energy.

The exact opposite energy was running wild in their body like a giant hammer smashing their head.

It didn't just cause them pain, it shook their brains, causing a terrible buzz in their ears and made them doubt their existence.

Their doubt of existence even triggered a chain reaction and almost led them to self-destruct, if Pride didn't stop his torture in time.

The other cardinal sins felt terrified and flabbergasted at Pride. They couldn't understand how Pride did that to them despite being the same existence as all of them.

However, their nature of bullying the weak and fearing the strong drove them into silence.

Though being bullied by Pride made their silence more insufferable, they found a channel to vent their anger.

They carried out Kieran's order to track down the presence of the soul.

Each of the cardinal sins located many of the Mr. Ghost's copies hiding throughout the city.


"You think you've won? I…"


Before Mr. Ghost finished his declaration, Lust twisted his head off.


"You think you've wo…"


Mr. Ghost was out of breath when Greed ripped his chest apart.


"You think yo…"


Gluttony's immense strength snapped Mr. Ghost's body when he hugged him.


"You think you've…"

Bang Bang Bang!

Wrath's furious punches landed on Mr. Ghost's body like the rain. Within a breath's time, Mr. Ghost was turned into a pile of meat.


Mr. Ghost woke up from another body of his and this time, he didn't speak anymore but what would it change?

"It's you! It's all your fault!"

"You must die! Die!"

Envy's grudgeful voice sounded as he jumped on Mr. Ghost like a furious beast, biting piece after piece of Mr. Ghost's body.

Mr. Ghost wanted to resist but the abilities that he took pride in back in the day were completely useless now.

If he were to escape via body shifting, Kieran had the ability to chase him like a shadow as if Kieran didn't need to move with his body.

If he were to utilize his illusory means, Kieran would swallow all the illusions like a black hole.

As for cloning himself?

Wasn't it obvious already?

Mr. Ghost died once more after Envy bit his throat off.

When Mr. Ghost woke up again, the once notorious super criminal that struck fear in the citizens' heart started to be careful.

His cloning wasn't unlimited as he would need enough suitable bodies to create.

All these years, all he could save up was a total of 8 bodies, which meant this body was his last and real one.

Therefore, the last body was placed at the most secluded place by himself. He was confident that he would not be located easily.


Mr. Ghost heard someone yawned, the kind of yawn that would infect whosoever heard it and incite them to sleepiness.

After that yawn, Mr. Ghost lost his consciousness.

Sloth walked out from the shadow yawning, looking tired as ever, or he was even more tired than before.

However, Sloth was quickly energized when he sensed the presence of something interesting.
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