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A cup filled with water was placed in front of Kieran.

The owner who was scrawny from his face down to his physique was waiting for Kieran's reply patiently.

While Drexton who was supposedly following Kieran into Spicy Hot Kitchen vanished without him knowing.

After sizing up the new surroundings, Kieran raised a puzzled brow.

SSS+ Intuition plus [Tracking]'s sight allowed him to determine the truth from the false.

The restaurant including the cooking utensils were all authentic, even the cooking ingredients inside the kitchen were emanating a unique aroma. All was real except for… the owner.

The scrawny owner who looked like a lively being struck Kieran as something light, floating around.

More importantly, Drexton who was supposed to follow and stayed behind Kieran did not appear; the owner's target should be Drexton.

Kieran didn't know how the schemer who plotted the trap achieved it but he knew something more terrifying and more dangerous would be waiting for Drexton ahead.

While Kieran should be a fish in the moat when the castle caught fire, an innocent bystander got caught in the disturbance, otherwise, the enemies wouldn't have utilized such simple formations to deal with him.


Kieran let out a heavy sigh and looked at the owner in front of him again.

If it was possible, Kieran who already had his own plan and didn't want to get too involved in Drexton's own incident at the moment but since it already happened, Kieran wouldn't just run away either.

"Dear sir, what are you having today?"

The owner asked again following Kieran's reaction and gaze; he spoke like a normal human. One could even consider his acting as much better than many common humans. Despite his words sounding rush, his tone was still as peaceful.

Kieran didn't answer, instead, he leaned back at the chair, placed his right hand on the table and tapped his fingers.

Dok, Dok, Dok.

When the tip of his finger knocked the wooden table, a rhythmic knocking sounded echoed throughout the restaurant.

"I want to try everything that you can cook. If it can satisfy me, I turn a deaf ear about what you said just now. If you can't satisfy me, I will make you into "his" dessert." Kieran spoke slowly.

At the same time, Kieran slightly loosened the restraint on the cardinal sins.

Immediately, the most primitive wicked aura filled the restaurant as if they were chains from the nether realm, shackling the owner tightly.

The aura caused fear to rise up in the owner's heart instinctively, his body started to shake uncontrollably.

However, a powerful palm was tapped on the owner's shoulder, causing his body to go out of control completely.

His body was frozen and numb, his throat was gulping down saliva non-stop.

Drexton then stepped out of the void and the scene before their eyes changed immediately.

The familiar restaurant vanished and was revealed to be a cold black "cell".

It wasn't metamorphic saying of the new environment but the scene literally changed to a prison cell.

The floor and walls were forged with iron, only a palm-sized window was on the wall behind Drexton.

Drexton's laugh stopped abruptly after the scene changed, he quickly discarded his delight and replaced it with a heavy expression.

"Come out Mr. Ghost! You know your tricks can't fool me!" Drexton growled loudly.

He sounded absolutely sure about the culprit though, or perhaps it was because of his old rival that he was so familiar with the changes.

However, it was also because of the familiarity that Drexton was getting more restless and anxious; Drexton was worrying about Kieran.

Kieran was able to take out all the super criminals like Slither Bone, Predator, and Ironjaw Croc but it didn't mean Kieran was able to oppose Mr. Ghost.

One needed to know when compared, the former trio had an immeasurable gap of power with Mr. Ghost; It wasn't too over the top to say they were as far apart as heaven and earth in Drexton's view.

Only those who truly fought Mr. Ghost understood how scary this super villain was that almost towered above all extraordinary individuals in Alkender City.

Despite Mr. Ghost's attention being on Drexton, the slightest deviation of attention might cause the unpredictable…

When the thought struck Drexton, his breath almost came to a stop.


A violent wind was blowing in the narrow iron-forged cell.

Drexton then punched the ground beneath his feet as fiercely as possible, his senses told him the iron plate on the ground was breakable.

As for the four walls, all were impregnable!

Under his normal form, Drexton could not break the impregnable walls.


When his fist touched the ground, it sounded like a ton of dynamite exploded together at once.

The iron-plated ground shook first before distorting, it was then punched away, revealing the strange sturdy purplish ground underneath.

A pungent smell assaulted Drexton's nose right away, causing him to raise his guard.

Without further sensing, a single glance over the purplish ground and the pungent smell that came from it were enough to tell Drexton the ground beneath the iron forged plate was poisonous.

"Second thoughts? Feeling lost? On one side is your little life, on the other side is the so0called friend of justice, the "fledgling" who is better than a stranger, waiting to be rescued. How will you choose?"

A sharp irritating voice came from the palm-sized window on one of the walls, the owner of the voice was like a theatre actor, singing the words with different tones and pitches.

Before the voice truly subsided, Drexton already stepped on the poisonous ground though.

Right after that, the aura on Drexton surged and at the same time, the strange purple was spreading across Drexton's face.

"As expected of the Fist of Justice, Drexton eh! This is so touching! Look at your ugly state, I'm starting to feel like I don't have the heart to carry out the next step in my plan."

The irritating voice paused for a while.

"I lied! My plan had already begun the moment you stepped in! Thank you for your performance! Now then… let the first act begin!"

The sharp irritating voice echoed in the narrow room but was quickly overpowered by a huge explosion.


Drexton launched another punch!

This second punch didn't just puncture the wall in front of Drexton, the three other around him were shattered to pieces as well but the owner of the irritating voice was nowhere to be found.

Drexton quickly sized up at his new surroundings: his heart sank as a bad feeling entered his heart.

"Willis! Willis!"

Drexton called out to his assistant multiple times yet he didn't get any responses; Drexton's heart sank to rock bottom.

He was no longer in Alkender City and was transported to some other place.

So… what would happen to Alkender City?

All sorts of worst-case scenarios appeared in his mind, causing Drexton to be more anxious than ever. He started to search for communication tools, trying to contact his assistant and potentially avoid great casualties ahead.


Meanwhile, inside Spicy Hot Kitchen, Kieran was holding the knife and fork, softly cutting the piece of the lamb shank.
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