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The Devil is Cage 1058 Unexpected Surprise

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Neither Slither Bone nor Predator were strangers to Ironjaw Croc.

Even from a certain aspect, both of them were very familiar with Ironjaw Croc and therefore, both of them were certain the head that the young man was holding was indeed the Ironjaw Croc!

"Ironjaw Croc was killed?"

"Who is this guy?"

"How did he kill the croc?"

Questions and doubts popped up in Slither Bone and Predator's minds uncontrollably, especially Predator, his gaze towards Kieran was utterly dreadful.

Around 5 minutes ago, Predator saw the Ironjaw Croc and he was alive and kicking, as ferocious as ever!


His head was twisted off of his body and more importantly, within the 5 minute period, Predator didn't even hear any fighting noises!

Which mean the fight ended in an instant!

Ironjaw Croc was killed within an instant!

A guy that could kill Ironjaw Croc instantly…

Once the thought came into his mind, the Predator turned his torso and his whole body then swiftly moved towards the window behind him, ready to escape; Slither Bone was even faster.

As though Slither Bone's legs were loaded with spring, he jumped towards the window like an arrow let loose.

The reason why Slither Bone and Predator were notorious and able to roam freely in the city, other than own strength and never revealing their face in public, the most important point was their instinct and abilities to escape when they noticed the situation going south. Together with their respective special abilities, even the two most famous superheroes in the city couldn't do anything about them despite hating them to their guts; the two superheroes weren't famous for their speed.

However, this time, things were different, both of the criminals were facing Kieran.

As a lone wolf player, Kieran had decided to expand his strength in an all-rounded way. Attributes, skills, and even his equipment were all built towards that purpose.

So when the two criminals were inches away from the window, Kieran who was holding Ironjaw Croc's head was already standing in front of them.

Slither Bone and Predator were horrified when they saw Kieran pop up in front of them, they wanted to alter their escape route without a second thought but then, they realized they were sinking into a swamp.

The black and stenchful swamp was like a black hole with infinite suction force, dragging both of them down.

"Damn it!"

"What is this? Illusions?"

Speculations popped up in their minds but their actions were not slow.

The Predator pointed his hunting rifle at where Kieran originally stood; Slither Bone's blood tainted mantle had bone-rattling noises coming from beneath.


The rifle was fired, a muzzle flash shined in front of the Predator's gun.

A shining bullet with the whistling of a cannon was fired straight at the targeted point but it was blocked!

A pitch-black giant palm rose up from the muddy swamp. It stood in the middle of the path of the shining bullet yet with the cannon-like whistling, it struck the palm fiercely.


The black palm was crushed upon contact. The pieces fell back in the swamp and the Predator laughed coldly, readying his second shot.

He was certain the point where he targeted was where Kieran really was, just like how he believed his shooting and abilities would definitely threaten Kieran.

"You can block once, but can you block twi...UGH!"

The Predator saw the pieces of that palm grow with the wind after falling back. Within a breath's time, the pieces turned into a new giant black palm, surrounding his sight; the Predator was stunned.

He then squinted his eyes and shouted, "STILL NOT MAKING A MOVE?"

No actions were taken, no answers were given.

Predator instinctively turned his head, he suddenly noticed Slither Bone who was just beside him a moment ago vanished without him knowing.

Slither Bone didn't just vanish, a big vortex replaced him at his spot as well.

The black muddy vortex spun rapidly and a suction force 10 times stronger than the first exploded with the motion. Predator didn't even get to resist before being dragged into the vortex.

The stenchful mud then started to enter the Predator's body through the nose and mouth.

At first, the Predator struggled and rejected as if he was being invaded but as the hunger in his body rose, he couldn't help but unconsciously swallow the stenchful mud.

After a slightly full stomach, his hunger grew worse. His hunger drove him to eat more, swallow more, gobbling down the mud mouth after mouth.

In order to hasten his devouring, the Predator's mouth was slithered and its flesh turned mushy but his hunger overpowered his pain.

Predator kept gobbling down the mud without being tired yet the more he ate and swallowed, the more hungry he felt.

Then, Predator saw Slither Bone.

Slither Bone was also like Predator, gobbling down the black mud and was also being tortured by the hunger.

Slither Bone had it worse than Predator, his bones somehow sprung out of his body, making him look like a weird hedgehog with white spikes.

The moment Predator saw Slither Bone, Slither Bone saw Predator as well.

Almost instantaneously, both of them saw a pale greenish glare in each other eyes, as though both of them were beasts in the wilderness and suddenly spotted a piece of meat.

Both of them jumped on each other, both of them tore each other apart.

Blood and flesh splattered everywhere, hands and legs were broken.

In the end, both of them entangled themselves together, bones mixed with flesh, organs mixed with brains.

Of course, all of that was just an illusion from [Deadman's Gaze, Fear Illusion]. Back in the office, both of their heads exploded when they caught Kieran's gaze.

Two orange glowing items appeared on their headless bodies.

The double-barrelled rifle from the Predator and a small little finger bone from Slither Bone.

[Name: Winchester Hunting Rifle]

[Type: Firearm]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack: Strong]

[Attribute: 1. Heavy Firepower Strike; 2. Ammunition Favor]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is a hunting rifle from a certain family and it is a very common kind in the family's collection, nothing worth bragging about.]


[Heavy Firepower Strike: Brings out the full potential of a bullet]

[Ammunition Favor: All kinds of bullets gains +1 attack buff (Cannot exceed Extreme rank)]


[Name: Strange Little Finger]

[Type: Bone]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack/ Defense: None]

[Attribute: Swap]

[Effect: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: It has a certain special use]


[Swap: You can swap it with one section of your little finger bone and acquire strange powers]


Kieran glanced over [Winchester Hunting Rifle] and slightly paused his attention on [Strange Little Finger]; he landed his attention on the crocodile head in his head again.

Compared to the two spoils of war he had just gotten, the true unexpected surprise was the crocodile head.
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