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Under Kieran's SSS+ Intuition, common men and extraordinary individuals had qualitative differences.

While between extraordinary individuals, there were distinguishing features as well, the most direct example was Ferris.

Having the title the Freezer, Ferris was like an ice cube emanating cold air at all times, anywhere under Kieran's Intuition; the extraordinary individual in front of him was like a mountain.

The moment they came into the room, it was like a mountain peak suddenly rose up from the ground; one would feel mighty and tall from the presence.

Kieran restrained the explosive barrel inside his body, which was the Devil Force which ought to explode when it was being provoked. He also calmed down each of the cardinal sins while only maintaining Dawn Force's tenacity.

The tenacious Dawn Force transformed Kieran into a hiker, climbing up the mountain peak fearlessly.

Step after step and as time went by, no matter how tall the peak was, Kieran would eventually conquer the mountain by reaching its highest point.

The extraordinary individual showed shock on his face when he noticed that Kieran picked up his presence but right after that, his shock was replaced by smiles.

The man extended his thick palm.

"Nice to meet you, I am Drexton, representing the Hero Alliance. These two are my lawyers and the matters regarding the Thousand-faced Man, they will report to the director, the judge, and communicate with the few juries."

"All you need to do is remain silent and I assure you, we will be out of here by noon." The man said in a steady and strong manner.

"2567. If you don't mind, can you tell me what are you doing here?"

Kieran extended his hand for a shake as well.

It was the friendly kind of handshake, no testing, no tussling over power and both of them stepped back after a mere shake.

"Of course, pardon my rudeness of not stating it first."

"Four months ago when you valiantly stopped three robbers, we have been noticing you since then and as time went by, your presence only increased within our sights. Yesterday, you saved another innocent life. It may sound cheesy but the people you've saved have reached the Hero Alliance's standard, so I am here to official give you an invitation."

Drexton's neat mustache curled up following his lips, showing a friendlier smile.

"Do I really have to join?"

Kieran wasn't confused by the friendly smile, instead, he tested the man with a sharper question.

He knew after going through the initial "troubles", he had started to get in touch with the dungeon world's true factions and organizations.

Bloody Ridges?

In Kieran's view from the start to finish, Bloody Ridges was just a pawn that was used and it never could reach the main stage.

"Of course not! It's not mandatory. We have always upheld justice and freedom, we won't go against an individual's will to force them into something they didn't wish to do, except for criminals. On top of that, we are also willing to provide necessary help for those outside our organization, like the lawyers here to help you, they are just a part of how we can assist you. Join us, and you will get even more."

Drexton kept on smiling but didn't further elaborate on the details.

Obviously, the details were only open to those who joined.

Although Kieran was curious about what kind of assistance Drexton was referring to, he wouldn't join a native organization just because of his curiosity.

He had his own plans already, so he shook his head.

"Sorry, I like to have a lot of freedom," Kieran said.

"Em, everyone does. Believe me, it's not the first time I met a young man like you and that is the reason why I am willing to lend a hand. You young men will receive less damage like this."

"Here take this. Don't feel embarrassed to take it. I am not hoping that you will use it one day but I hope that you will be benefited by the heroic acts when you are in times of need."

Drexton then placed a name card in front of Kieran.

"Thanks." Kieran took the name card.

The name card only had Drexton's name on it and his phone number, it was the exact design as "his" name card yet the quality was far apart as heaven and earth.

Drexton's card was made up of some kind of metal, it didn't just make it feel substantial, it elevated its status to the next level as well.

After a slight check and making sure there wasn't something that shouldn't be on the name card, Kieran placed it inside his shirt pocket.

Drexton's smile grew friendlier when he saw Kieran take the name card. He then spent the upcoming time "guiding" Kieran, the newbie who just stepped into the society and told interesting stories of Alkender City.

The stories should sound uninteresting yet when they came out of his mouth, everything became intriguing.

Drexton didn't just chat in a decent manner, he still had the attentiveness to take care of others: each time he would tell Kieran how to solve his current situation in a subtle way without giving a direct answer.

Undoubtedly, Drexton with his character was hard for one to hate yet Kieran still wouldn't lower his guard, despite Drexton showing such kindness.

Kieran knew the saying "hiding knives in smiles", so he maintained his "bad habits".

Both sides chatted until Kieran got his breakfast.

"I'll leave you be then. The lawyers and I will be outside, just call loudly for me if anything happens."

Drexton said in a gentlemanly manner when he saw Kieran anxiously take the burgers and orange juice.

"Em." Kieran nodded and munched on the burger in his hand.

The beef patty was grilled to its most tender state, a bite of the patty filled Kieran's mouth and the orange juice was mixed with the savory taste of the beef.

After munching a few times, before he even swallowed the first bite, he stuffed the remaining burger into his mouth and took a big gulp off the remaining orange juice.

The officer on guard duty was dumbstruck when he saw Kieran's way of gobbling down the food.

Unconsciously, the officer swallowed his saliva as well, he had a thought in his mind, reminding him to have burgers for dinner after today's shift.

While Willis who was also "watching" the room shared the same thought.

"Is he a refugee?" Willis asked himself.

He then contacted Drexton from a distance and told him what he saw.

"He is really as poor as the record says yet maintained a heart of justice… this is the kind of person we need! Raise 2567's surveillance level, list him as an important Surveillance target." Drexton smiled as he replied to his partner.

"Okay, I will…"

"Damn it! Drexton, the Thousand-faced Man struck again, another guy from Bloody Ridges was taken out!"

"Huh?! Wait, did Bloody Ridges get on the bad side of Lady Luck? Slither Bone, Predator, and Ironjaw Croc are all there!" Willis cried out in shock.

Drexton's expression sunk to rock bottom.

Bloody Ridges wasn't an organization that stood outside the common area, instead most of the time they occupied a corner of the civilian city blocks.

While Slither Bone, Predator, and Ironjaw Croc were all notorious supervillains, these evildoers wouldn't care what about happened to their surroundings and once war breaks out in the civilian area, innocents will be caught in the crossfire.

Most importantly, all the aforementioned supervillains weren't everyday goons that common heroes could handle.

"Call the others and try to stop stall the three of them. I'm on my way!"

Drexton was ready to leave after communicating with his partner through his earpiece.

Meanwhile, the door of the interrogation room opened up and Kieran walked out wiping his mouth.

"I heard exercising after a meal is good for your health."
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