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Pudder too wasn't surprised when he heard what Kieran said.

On the contrary, he crossed his arms and leaned back on the chair.

"Only these? If you really want to discuss the fact that Bloody Ridges was trying to double cross their buyers, you're wasting my time!"

"This is why I hate you voluntary police! Discover some small matters and you guys will be all over it like some big news. Even worse, you people pretend to be mysterious yet attract everyone's attention!"

"Why don't you go to the circus? They need more people like you to join their show! And why the hell don't you people believe in us, the real police? We have sufficient capabilities to deal with the bad things that are going to happen!"

Pudder raised a brow and replied with his own question. His words had indescribable ranting, restlessness, and disgust.

However, he didn't leave the room, instead, he was patiently waiting for Kieran's answer.

"I am willing to believe you, that's why I am here. I will even tell you something you don't know."

"Like… those folks from Bloody Ridges are just puppets placed at the forefront to attract all the attention by some important person," Kieran said in a leisurely manner.

"Who is this big important person?!"

Pudder laid his hands down and straightened his body, his eyes were staring at Kieran with a heavy gaze.

"I don't know," Kieran answered directly.


Pudder slammed the table after he got such a ridiculous answer and shouted at Kieran, "What kind of bloody joke is this?!"

"I am not joking, I really don't know. You can't expect me to know who the mastermind behind all this is after I accidentally saved a lady who so coincidentally got the secrets of Bloody Ridges right? Come on, I am not those guys who need a "rival" or "mortal enemy" to become a superhero."

Kieran maintained his slow manner of speaking even when Pudder was shouting at him.

Pudder took in some deep breaths to calm his rage but it didn't mean he completely believed what Kieran said.

"Tell me what you know and don't even try to think about lying! Otherwise, I'll put you behind bars for good!" Pudder voiced out his threats.

"If I may, I'll walk you through it while you ask your men where did they brought Ms. Emma Eddie. She is the one who heard the secrets of Bloody Ridges. And please arrange enough men to protect her, I worry for the lady's safety."

Kieran stood up and wanted to leave the interrogation room but Pudder beat him to it.

"You really are an ass! Why didn't you tell me early? It's important!"

The chief officer scolded Kieran while dashing into the office area, picking up the nearest phone he could get.

"If I said it earlier, would you believe me? Or do you now believe what I say?"

Kieran shrugged when he saw Pudder getting worked up.

Deeply trust a person at the first meeting?

What a joke!

Everyone was an adult there, it was best for such joke to remain as such.

Without a long period of contact and multiple interactions with each other, could a person trust without having second thoughts of another person's words and actions?

Even if one had a long period of contact and multiple interactions, whenever a conflict of interest occurred, both sides would suspect and envy each other as well; it was the reality of human interaction.

Of course, the "sick" person Lawless was certainly an exception.

Maybe there would be someone similar that shared the same thoughts with Lawless, thus Kieran might respect him as well but he himself wasn't that kind of person.

Kieran wasn't, Pudder wasn't.

While watching Pudder yelling at the phone, Kieran leaned on the wall and muttered to himself in a soft tone that only he could hear, "Should have gotten the news right?"


While Pudder was yelling at Kieran, Emma Eddie was also cursing Kieran.

"Damn that f*cking bastard! Why the hell did I trust him! Wanted to lodge a report with the police?"

Emma Eddie felt like she was a prey fallen into Kieran's trap as she watched the patrolling officers on duty outside the tightly locked cell.

The feeling was utterly terrible and it made her stomp her feet but her way of venting her anger triggered the injuries on her back, she couldn't help but grimace in pain.

"Damn it!" Emma Eddie cursed once more.

However soon enough, the footsteps coming from afar captured her attention.

When she saw the big man who chased her and wounded her, she forgot the pain on her back as her heart tightened while she saw the man being locked up properly in the cell next to her own.

"He injured me and you people locked him up beside me? What kind of joke is this?"

Emma Eddie leaned on the bars and shouted relentlessly.

"This is not a real prison, it's just a temporary lockup. You still want us to divide it into male and female? Shut up! One more word from you I'll lock you up together with him!"

The patrolling officer waved his baton and shunned her off the bars.

When the officer saw Emma Eddie dodge the baton in an ugly way, he laughed coldly.

The officer then turned around and left with a delightful whistle from his mouth.

"Hahaha, b*tch, do you know whose tail you stepped on? It's Bloody Ridges! Do you know what the name means?"

The man woke up and laughed viciously at his original target.

"Shut up you f**king retard!"

With the cells separating them, Emma Eddie wasn't afraid of the man, vulgarities even escaped her mouth to insult the man who attacked her.

As for compromising for the general interest and sought a peaceful outcome?

Emma Eddie knew how Bloody Ridges worked, so she didn't hold any hopes for that.

Unless she wanted to end up in the dark street corners doing something she didn't want to or becoming a vessel for some drugs, harboring them from city to city every day and whenever her luck was used up, she would be completely drained of her life.

Even with death, Emma Eddie knew her body would be put into good use by those bastards.

Whenever she thought about her organs being in other people's body, she shivered and at the same time, her cursing toward Kieran continued.

"You better start praying now! I will let you know what is worse than death, you b*tch! I'll ramp you face together with your ****, crushing them to bits!"

The angered man was shaking the bars of his cell, growling relentlessly at Emma Eddie.

His growls echoed throughout the jail and were heard by the patrolling officers, but all of them walked outside as they turned a blind eye and turned a deaf ear at the mocking words.

When the patrolling officers left…


A small buzzing noise sounded at the ceiling followed by sparks igniting through the bricks.

When the man saw that, he laughed out loud, voicing more of his threats to his target.

"Hahahaha! My men are here! You f*cking b*tch…. UGH!"

Though his voice halted abruptly as a red line appeared at his neck.


At the next moment, blood gushed out from his neck as his head flew up.
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