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Why did Kieran come in from outside?

Why was the killing intent on Kieran was so tense?

Almost instantaneously, Karles knew what happened.

His face got even more bitter after that.

This was all a trap, from the start to the end, it was a trap targeting him and Mark.

Karles had doubts at first when the others didn't show up at the gathering but when Wu showed up, his doubts were cleared up because everyone in this scattered little group knew Wu had no battle capabilities.

Perhaps from a certain aspect, Wu's strength had exceeded everyone's imagination but in exchange for her "strength", what she got in return was a fatal weakness.

Therefore, Wu would not appear in places in which a potential conflict or fight might occur.

Even more so when the news went around stating that a player room wasn't absolutely safe anymore, Wu's appearance assured everyone in the group of its safety; Karles was no exception.

Therefore, Karles continued his plan on testing Wu, not just because the guardians wanted to know the limits of Wu's capabilities, he himself wanted to know as well.

After all, her abilities similar to an accurate "prophecy" were too rare, to the point that it might be the only one in this big city.

Otherwise, the guardian's organization wouldn't have taken the "initiative" to expose their own flaws and sent Karles to infiltrate this scattered little group.

However, none of that mattered anymore. The important thing was, how could he survive this confrontation.

Karles never doubted Rachel's merciless attitude and ruthless methods.

Similarly, he never doubted Kieran's decisiveness to kill, anyone who gathered information on Kieran would know about that.

Karles didn't plan to wait any longer, he didn't want to test Kieran's patience with his own life.

"I can give you a piece of intel in exchange for my life! I assure you that this intel is worth every bit of your time! Trust me, when you get this particular intel, you will see my sincerity! 2567, Rachel, as long as you sign a contract with me, promising not to hurt me, I will share it with you."

Karles spilled his thoughts directly to Kieran and Rachel.

No one wanted to face death, not even Karles, a high-ranker.

One could even say, it was because of Karles being a high-ranker that he had reached the position common players could not thus he valued his life even more.

"One? Not enough," Rachel said with a smile.

Kieran, on the other hand, left the negotiation to the pro.

Similarly, Rachel also believed Kieran would deal with Mark properly, thus opening a secret passage for him to intercept Mark.

Kieran bent down and carried the passed out Starbeck to the chair close by. He then grabbed Lawless who has an ice pail over his head and was still in a dizzy state.

He sighed in his heart when he saw his friend's ugly states.

Kieran wasn't an idiot. When the secret passage was opened up, he understood Lawless and Starbeck's sudden uproar interrupted Rachel's plans.

Kieran didn't know what Rachel wanted to achieve in the end but he knew another name would be added on the list of "needs healing from dysfunctional personality".

"A cannibal plant that hides its killing intent?"

Kieran muttered softly as he glanced over Starbeck who was snoring loudly; he turned to Rachel after that.

Rachel's steps were light, signifying her light mood and with such a mood, her rewards must have been good.

"Here, on the house. Honey-water plus some mint I planted myself."

Rachel pushed a glass with her special drink to Kieran.

"If you need me to play along next time, please tell me beforehand," Kieran reminded Rachel as he took the glass and puckered his lips.

The rich sweetness of the honey filled his mouth yet it didn't taste like pure sugar. It had the aroma of the honey added with the freshness of the mint; Kieran couldn't help but take another gulp.

As he felt the sweetness and freshness converge on his tongue, he squinted his eyes pleasantly.

"I assure you that this was an accident! I really didn't mean to drag you into this mess. In my original plan, your contact with both of them would have been limited to the living room only, after that, you would meet the others… who knew that these two bastards would go crazy all of a sudden."

Rachel looked at her best friend Lawless and Starbeck, in the end, she laid down her butcher knife.

She didn't plan to let them go just like that though, but the punishment towards the drunkards was too soft, she would at least wait for them to wake up.

"Yes, this is an accident. That's why I am sitting here, drinking this glass of honey."

Kieran nodded and said.

It was a reminder and a warning.

He was willing to trust Rachel because of Lawless and also because of the kindness Rachel had shown all along, despite all that, it didn't mean Kieran would sit back and ignore this incident.


Rachel expressed her apologies and swiftly gave actual compensation.

[Player Rachel wants to trade Nightmare Lasso. Yes/No?]


Kieran answered in assurance.

Legendary equipment or an item was more powerful than any excuse.

"I have rights to that equipment and the rest is Wu's necessary expenses," Rachel said.

Necessary expenses?

Using the cards for divination would consume Legendary equipment?

Kieran wondered but he didn't ask. He kept the rules between players in his heart.

No one liked their secrets being pried open by others, especially the players in the big city.

Therefore, after a certain matter or a certain occasion, players tend to use private messages more.

Kieran and Rachel were no exception.


Rachel: Karles traded his life for two useful pieces of intel.

Rachel: Both are related to us.

2567: Us?

Rachel: Yes, us.

Rachel: Burning Bottle, Hilton.


Rachel replied the outcome of the negotiation and instantly, Kieran's eyes squinted with a bright glimmer.


In a certain secret hideout in the big city, Broker was rubbing his temples.

A part of his separated soul was defeated, even for Broker, it was quite severe damage. Plus it might bring intolerable after effects as well.

Cutting the soul was ten times or perhaps a hundred times more painful than cutting the flesh.

But as Broker was enduring the pain, he was smiling.

"Although it failed, I guess part of it was a success as well?"

"Well then… the real show starts now!"

"2567 is really a surprising opponent. Those guardians… I really want to see their expressions when they face him! Too bad, I can't see it for a while now."

Broker stood up as he muttered to himself.

Beside him was the attendant, Zorl, and he brought over a glass of wine.

"[Osiris' Brew], oh I can't wait to taste it again."

Broker then took the glass and drank it all.

He then fell on the chair, limping as he fell into the deepest slumber.

While Broker fell into his slumber, in an alley in the big city, a person suddenly woke up.
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