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Kieran visited Harvest Inn more than once.

One could even consider, from a certain aspect, that Harvest Inn was the place he was most familiar with in the big city other than his own room.

However, Kieran never entered the bar counter before, let alone the hidden room behind the secret door.

Following Rachel, Kieran went past a small door and the new environment isolated the merry atmosphere back in the inn.

Kieran sized up the border of the door, there were patterns carved all over it; a sudden realization hit him.

"Mystical runes to isolate noise and cause others to overlook any peculiarities?"

Pro level [Mystical Knowledge] allowed him to easily recognized these runes before him. It wasn't that hard for him to set up also if he had the required ingredients but Kieran didn't want to modify 13th Wallway to such a complicated extent.

First of all, his room, the game lobby was just a temporary lodging point, there was no point for him to decorate or modify it.

Secondly, anything related to the mystical realm would cost a great sum and if he got his hands on the required ingredients, he would use it to make something more valuable instead.

Kieran had a simple habit of "spending money on the knife".

Of course, Kieran didn't have the notorious habit of exercising his own habits on others.

He followed Rachel and blatantly sized up his surroundings.

Behind the door was a corridor not that long, there was a stroll of dark red carpet and walls of the same color. Other than a lamp, there weren't any extra decorations.

Simple and minimalist.

"I'll bring you to meet three of them, not all but the ones that appear in public the most. Oh right, if they disturbed you or place you in an awkward position, just teach them a lesson, no need to be concerned about me. Those guys are quite proud at heart, if you don't show your strength, they won't allow you to join the circle."

Under the lamp, Rachel reminded Kieran as a friend.


Kieran didn't say anything much other than a nod as he followed Rachel.

He wasn't really surprised about what Rachel said though, in fact, if every high-ranker was as easy-going as J.Pearlman the Fisherman, something would be wrong.

After all, those players were able to emerge from the groups of common and veteran players, how many of them didn't have a sense of pride in their own skills?

Both of them soon reached the end of the corridor since it wasn't long.

The small living room at the end was also minimalistic in decoration.

A fireplace on the wall, two round tables; each of the round table had 5 chairs around them respectively.

One of the round tables was empty while at the other one, 3 of the 5 sofas were occupied by three men.


Rachel pointed at a man in a camo suit, despite sitting down at the table, the man's body was straight.

Rachel then moved towards the one beside Mark, a man in T-shirt and jeans; he was shuffling on the chair in a relaxed state.

"This is Karles," Rachel said.

Then, Rachel pointed at the last man in a big mantle, covering his whole body and a balaclava masking his face despite the system blur, saying, "Wu, my real life friend."

"2567, the Flame Emperor, the Fiery Tyrant, the Flaming Devil that you guys have been clamoring to meet. Well, of course, you can now add another, the Blade of the Daybreaker."

Rachel introduced Kieran to the bunch.

Right away, Mark's gaze was fired at Kieran directly with a heavy sense of pressure, as if a mountain had fallen from the sky.

Karles slightly twisted his neck and immediately presented a sharp aura that lingered in front of Kieran, as if a longsword was drawn from its sheath, drawn yet it didn't attack; there was no hostility from the two yet it has a sense of testing.

Obviously, just as Rachel mentioned, anyone who wanted to join their little group would have to show their own strength other than being recommended by someone.

Kieran did not dislike such a test though because he didn't want to join a gathering just to fill the numbers; it would only disappoint him.

As the thought came into his mind, Kieran glanced over the two and slightly released his sulfuric aura.

Mark and Karles had outstanding auras and their auras alone would be enough to send common players into a panic, they could even terrorize a certain number of veterans as well but compared to Kieran, it felt small in comparison.

Chosen Ones naturally had high Spirit attributes, in addition to the rampant, domineering devil bloodline, even if Kieran ran into the same level high-ranker, as long as the opposite wasn't a Spirit-focused player, Kieran would gain the upper hand.


The heavy and powerful devil roared in Mark and Karles' ears.

The mountain-like aura was punched to pieces by the devil, even Mark's straightened body wobbled a little.

The sharp aura was torn apart by the devil, Karles who was shuffling on the sofa got even softer as if he was about to sink deep into the cushion.

The devil's aura vanished in a flash.

Under the frightened gaze of Mark and Karles, Kieran slightly nodded to express his acknowledgment before sitting down on the chair closest to him.

Kieran then ignored the surprised and probing gazes from the two of them and placed his own gaze on Wu who was wrapped in his big mantle.

Real life friend?

Chosen One?

Kieran squinted his eyes.

He knew what Rachel's occupation back in real life, so those who could be friends with her, such as Wu, must have some forte of sorts. This is besides the fact that Wu didn't even budge under the display of strength from the devil aura.

Adding up both of the criteria, it was worth a second glance from Kieran.

However, that was it. If the person wasn't an enemy and was recommended by Rachel, Kieran's character and manners wouldn't allow him to pry into other people's private matters.

Likewise, one shouldn't expect Kieran to heat up the atmosphere or conversation; it was impossible.

Especially in front of strangers, Kieran's M.O. was to stay vigilant and careful, even if those people were introduced to Kieran.

Instantly, the small living room's atmosphere grown a little awkward.

As the host, Rachel didn't have the slightest intention of breaking the ice. She crossed her arms and sat down, waiting for a good show.

"Ahm… welcome."

Mark, the man who acted like a soldier coughed a little to ease the awkwardness.

"Welcome. Can we start now?"

Karles who was limping down lazily on the sofa said something similar as well. His prolonged tone and trills twisting back and forth made him sound like he was yawning.

However, Kieran's sharp senses picked up an unusual restlessness underneath his lazy looks; Karles would look at Wu from time to time.

"Very well."

This time around, Wu didn't stay still anymore, he replied with a low rough voice.

The moment Wu's voice subsided, Karles who was lazy a moment ago sprung up from the sofa and placed an item screenshot on the table.

[Name: Nightmare Lasso]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: Extreme]

[Attribute: 1. Nightmare Invasion; 2. Nightmare Imprisonment; Nightmare Demon]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Spirit A+]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: Those disturbed by nightmare will never find peace]


[Nightmare Invasion: Choose a target and put it into a deep sleep. A Spirit authentication will occur; when higher than the target, the target will be assaulted by nightmares. Able to inflict a Light to Medium mental impact to target, able to activate Nightmare Imprisonment as well, able to use once every 3 days]

[Nightmare Imprisonment: Spirit authentication of target +3, while the user receives one of -3. When successful, the target will be imprisoned as Nightmare Demon]

[Nightmare Demon: Summon the Nightmare Demon to carry out the user's deeds, once per day (Able to store up to 3 Nightmare Demon at once, once a Nightmare Demon dies, the user will lose it forever and will suffer a Medium mental impact]


"How is it, Wu? Enough for your divination?" Karles asked restlessly.


Kieran looked at the man wrapped in his mantle with an astonished gaze, he never thought the man was an expert in divination and possessed quite a high level.

The Legendary equipment as payment said it all.

Kieran who was no longer a newbie and had Pro level [Mystical Knowledge] and Basic [Astrology], he knew how hard it was to level up divination skills. Even with skill books, it might require a substantial amount of Golden Skill Points.

"Not enough!" Wu carefully sized up [Nightmare Lasso] and said.

"Plus this one!"

Karles seemed to be prepared, he brought up another screenshot.

Similarly, another Legendary equipment yet Wu answered the same.

"Not enough!"

"Plus this one!"

A third piece of Legendary equipment was pulled out.

Kieran was left speechless and breathless when he saw the three Legendary equipment.

Although he knew the deals in the gatherings of high-rankers would have exceeded the veteran levels, seeing one Legendary equipment being put up for trade one after another still shocked him nonetheless.

This deal wasn't a barter but just a payment for one divination.

"What kind of divination requires such high payment? Even if his skill were at the Transcendent level, it shouldn't be this high!"

Divination and prophecy results were all blurry.

Even for those who were experts in the field, they could only "see" a blurry scene; those who could "see" fractions of a certain scene was already truly masters.

Those words came from Nikorei, the God of Earth herself.

Kieran took it to heart.

It was the first time meeting Karles and Mark but none of them were rash people, let alone Rachel who was simply watching with a natural and sure look, all signs pointed at Wu's divination being extraordinary.

Unconsciously, Kieran looked at Wu.

This time, Wu didn't give the same reply but he took out a stack of cards slightly bigger than a poker deck. After shuffling, he arranged each card on the table.

The cards were arranged in 3 rows: 5 in the first row, 4 in the second, and 3 in the third, a total of 12 cards.

"Pick one card," Wu said.

Karles quickly picked the middle card of the first row.

While under Kieran's astonished gaze, Mark and Rachel each picked one as well.

Mark picked the one right beside Karles and Rachel took the one on the far right in the second row.

"Everyone has to choose?" Kieran asked Rachel."

"Pick one card."

Before Rachel reply, Wu urged Kieran but Kieran wasn't moved; he kept staring at Rachel.

Wu was just a stranger and Kieran didn't trust strangers. After Rachel nodded, only then did Kieran pick the card closest to him: the far left in the third row.

"Open your cards and tell me what is on it," Wu continued.

"Garden," Karles said before eagerly trying to see the other's card.

"Mining cave," Mark opened his card and shrugged at Karles, showing his apologies.

"Butcher knife," Rachel shrugged as well.

Then, three of them looked at Kieran's card under his hand.

"Before I open, can you tell me some rules? At least let me know what kind of role I'm playing in this divination session?" Kieran said slowly.

There were millions of ways to perform divination, some used images, some burned bones, some used crystal balls. Cards were the most orthodox kind but the card before Kieran wasn't the kind that he knew off.

At least, his Pro [Mystical Knowledge] didn't mention any kind of card divination that had "mining cave" and "butcher knife".

"Garden" had was quite common in other types but it wasn't the garden Kieran knew either. Plus the expensive payment, Kieran was more curious than before about what kind of divination Wu used.

"Wu gave me the things, locations, and items that will benefit me. Like this garden here, this is something that I have to pay attention in the near future. While 2567, you are playing the role of whether or not you can help me, please let your card be related to the garden, like plants, rain, fertilizer, sunshine, whatever."

"When we face difficult obstacles and seek reliable help, we will choose Wu's divination. His divination isn't those mystifying tricks but the kind that will give a direct result. My new dungeon is about to start soon but I don't have enough confidence, so I hope to find a helper," Karles explained.

Rachel beside nodded, meaning Karles didn't lie.

Directly provide a result?

Kieran frowned silently.

Such divination power, even the God of Earth, Nikorei couldn't perform such an extraordinary feat.

Although Wu wasn't anyone weak, he still had quite the gap to fill when compared to Nikorei, the God of Earth that fought divine beings and Gods.

Given such a gap in abilities, Kieran couldn't help but doubt Wu's divination abilities yet with Karles' rock solid statement, Kieran automatically placed his attention on the cards laid on the table.

"The effect of the cards?"

Kieran muttered in his heart while his face didn't show any expression; he moved his hand and opened his card.

The card was revealed to the others right away: Crow!

Crows in packs circling around a graveyard and in the dark space in between, a blurry figure faintly showing itself.

Anxious, strange, dead silence.

When Karles saw this never before seen card, he sat back down, disappointed.

With multiple experiences, even without Wu's explanation, Karles knew Kieran wasn't the one he was looking for.

"My luck really sucks!" Karles muttered to himself.

Mark quickly tried to comfort him.

Rachel, on the other hand, was a little absent-minded as she looked at the flying crows, so was Wu.

A second later, Wu suddenly put away the cards, shuffled again and rearranged it on the table.

"Draw again," Wu told Kieran.

"Huh?" Kieran raised a brow.

"I don't mean anything, just want to confirm something and I can pay you." Wu's low pitched rough voice sounded.

"Payment?" Kieran slightly leaned back on the sofa, making himself more comfortable before continuing slowly, "So have you ever heard about the guardians of the Witch's Legacy?"

The moment Kieran's question escaped his mouth, the living room fell into silence.
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