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An energy field instantly covered Broker but it was activated abruptly, so it was completely lackluster in front of the light sword that fell from the sky.

The energy field was crushed upon contact!

The rippling shards of the energy field and the light from the light sword were reflected on Broker's face. It made Broker who was using Saint Cyanda XI's body look extremely confused and filled with uncertainty.

"2567! Why is 2567 here!"

"He should have gone to save Starbeck! I did send someone to draw his attention!"

For a moment there, many thoughts popped up in Broker's mind but the thoughts couldn't change his current situation.

He did appear in the dungeon but it wasn't without a cost.

The cost that he paid could even leave those "millionaire" players speechless.

More importantly, it was just "himself" that arrived in the dungeon.

No skill.

No items.

No men.

Given such a harsh condition, Broker clenched his teeth.

He would not give up, he could not afford to give up.

Once he did, he would fall short of his tremendous efforts.

While seizing the minimal window that his energy shield provided him, Broker grabbed Extremus' flesh who had covered most of the Burning Marquis' body and released the aura that he had been suppressing. He used the secret spell of the Saint Cyanda Imperials and it allowed him to dodged [Dawn Sword]'s slash within a fraction of a second.

Broker was ready to leave the place with his special ways but he seemed to have underestimated Kieran.

Kieran who had been preparing for a long time would bring thunder and lightning once he struck, how could it be just a single light sword?

A spider-net appeared above Broker's head and surrounded both him and the Burning Marquis who was in that special form.

The fire and demonic energy of Mardos on the net were beating its prey like the rising tide.

Broker who was just borrowing Saint Cyanda XI's body was engulfed by the fire upon contact but the more terrifying thing was, the demonic energy from Mardos crushed the body's organs, muscles and bones, grinding both of them into a pile of minced meat.

However, it was still just the beginning.

Under the night sky, the Creature of Desire was stretching its horrifying, viscous body. Thousand of wicked eyes were locked on to their target following Kieran's will.


A thousand beams of burning rays were fired directly at Broker and the Burning Marquis under the net.

The already declining body of Saint Cyanda XI was crushed completely under the thousand burning rays from the evil eyes.

Two items fell out in the same spot after that.

A "crown" forged from black metal.

A "key" also forged from black metal.

When both items that seemed light fell to the ground, they brought up a serious dust cloud.

The dust was mixed with the crushed bits from Saint Cyanda XI and fell onto the Burning Marquis who was charred and twitching from time to time.

Then, Broker appeared once again, as a translucent spirit form.

Broker saw the charred and twitching Burning Marquis and he threw himself over without a thought.

But Kieran was faster!

Kieran jumped out from the shadows and his astounding kick landed on Broker's soul.

The moment his kick turned Broker's soul into powder, [Sword Skill, Dragon Force] was charging up, [Arrogant Word] then heavily slashed down on the Burning Marquis' body.


The Burning Marquis' body was split in half. The blood of the devil descendant splashed in every direction.

Extremus' flesh collapsed once again while Saint Cyanda XI's ashes flew with the wind.

The presence of Broker's soul was also swiftly dispersed.

If everything were to unfold normally, death would come gradually, however, the existence that followed Broker's presence altered the course of death for him.

The black iron "key" floated up and spun rapidly.

A whirlpool!

The whirlpool back in Golden City and what Nordin called the "grave" appeared again!

However, unlike its previous appearance, this time the "grave" wasn't a trap that attracted the greed of the devil but a monster with a will of its own.

The grave continued to grow to the size of a gigantic pillar that could pierce the sky.

As Kieran looked at it again, the grave was shaking violently under his gaze.

Inside the whirlpool, the land, and mountain shook as if the sky had fallen inside.

Outside the whirlpool, the whole Dawn City was trembling along with the movement.

When both shaking and trembling frequencies synchronized, an aura of the dead with unwillingness, grudge, vengefulness, and rage erupted like a volcano.


Dawn City that was welcoming the first light fell into darkness completely.

Under the darkness, summoning voices that could be heard around the city.

The dead were revived; from both the deeply buried and the recently deceased.


Those who were half dead.

Burning Marquis stood up again. The part of his body that was sliced open was filled with Extremus' flesh; His dying consciousness was infused with the persistence of Saint Cyanda XI and the cunningness of Broker.

Of course, the most important part of that abomination was Extremus' own consciousness.

All of them seemed to awaken at the same time.

They refused to be called.

They fell into a panic state.

They fought each other, the consumed each other.

Their conflict caused the body that had repaired itself explode again. However, the aura of the dead swiftly repaired the body again, yet exploded again.

Repaired, exploded, repaired, exploded…

The cycle would repeat itself over and over again.

The aura of the dead was rapidly drawn by the process, the revived body fell into eternal slumber again.

All that was left was the endless cycle of explosions and Extremus who was being revived non-stop.

A furious growl sounded from the grave inside the whirlpool.

The faint presence of Broker's soul that lingered in Extremus' body made the monster inside the grave feel it was being fooled again.

Under its uncontrollable rage, the monster had completely lost its remaining sanity.

It went rampant, disregarding the consequences of its action; the whirlpool then expanded further like a balloon and soon turned into a tornado hovering above Dawn City's sky.



The heavens were torn asunder and the earth cracked open.

A pale white arm crawled out from the grave above the sky. Its enormous palm alone could cover the whole of Dawn City. It came out from the tornado and was pressing down on the city.


The speed of a pressing palm was very slow but the city felt like it was being assaulted by a class 12 typhoon.

Every commoner native was pinned to the ground.

Some with a little more capabilities also looked at the enormous palm that looked too surreal to believe as it was crashing down on them in panic and fear.

A lot more felt despair! Every single native could feel their life force leaking away at an exponential speed.

That wasn't the end either.

Fighters that could wield two-handed greatswords were pressed down on the ground by the weight of their own weapon after around two breaths.

Powerhouses that could control a certain range of spells had to face their own spells going out of control, causing them to be left limping on the ground.

The descendants that possessed special bloodlines suffered repulsion from their bloodlines, explosions went off inside their bodies multiple times.

Kieran was no exception either.

His two hearts and organs went out of control and were violent at that moment. He was forced to hold on to [Arrogant Word] to maintain his standing posture.

Then, a sonorous, deep voice echoed above the sky of Dawn City, as if it was a mutter from the primordial age.

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