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The 25-meter body was even taller than Dawn City's walls.

When everyone in Dawn City saw the outrageously huge upper body, especially the bloodthirsty face, it sent chills down their spines.


Dang! Dang!

The alarm bell that hadn't been rung for a very long time echoed throughout the city once again.

The people that fell into panic only reacted to the situation after the bell was rung; they started to scatter and flee.

Some of the city guards fled their duties as well, only less than 1/3 of the guards stayed back and carried out their responsibilities reluctantly.

Sou Sou Sou!

Arrow rain from the archers rained down at the Titan from the walls but the arrow rain attack was useless. The seemingly indomitable arrow rain landed on the Titan yet it was reflected away without causing a single bit of damage.

Inside, it infuriated the Titan even more.


A loud roar later, the Titan rampantly rammed itself onto the walls of Dawn City.


The sturdy city wall of a dozen meters tall suffered a loud, heavy bang.

The fierce tremble even shook the soldiers on the walls off their feet, causing them to fall to the ground. Visible cracks spread out rapidly following the tremble.

The Dawn City walls that were known as the "never fall" was trembling to a fall after a single blow from the Titan but the Titan wasn't satisfied just yet.

He shook his head, took two steps back and readied himself in a charging stance. The Titan wanted to ram through the walls with a single charge.

Meanwhile in the archer towers around the walls, the ballistae that were considered the war machines of the age were entering their final adjustment stage.


Kak Tssk!

After stepping down the loading mechanism on the ballistae, was followed was a series of tooth-numbing screeches from the spring movement.


A series of air-whistle sounded!

Each arrow fired was as thick as a grown man's calf, as long as 1.5 meters, and would need at least two strong men to load on to the ballistae plus three men to operate the firing mechanism; the giant arrows were fired and rapidly approached the Titan.

Inside the archer tower, each of the soldiers operating the ballistae was looking at their target with anticipated gazes but reality was always cruel.

A formless energy barrier enveloped the Titan as the giant arrows were fired at him.

The giant arrows that could pierce the roof of a house crashed onto the formless barrier and were turned into bits of wood under the crushing impact.

The Titan who was enveloped by the energy barrier once again rammed himself on the walls of Dawn City.


The ground trembled again, a violent and tall dust storm was whipped up along with the impact.

The walls of Dawn City… had fallen!

Following the crumbling of the sturdy wall, those city guards who barely held onto their defensive duties with limited amounts of courage crumbled as well.

Without the protection from the walls, no one among the city guards had the courage to face the Titan before them.

So, another round of routing started again.

Despite the imperial royal guards and the nobles' private militias grouping up further away, the city guards weren't motivated to stay behind.

The city guards' rout even messed up the formation of the other troops behind them.


The Titan gave out an ear-deafening laugh as he grabbed a fallen archer tower on the ground and hurled it to the gathering troops.


The ground of private militias of the nobles was squashed into meat paste and that wasn't the end.

The remaining archer towers were pulled out by the Titan who was throwing them at the spots where the troops were gathered.

The imperial royal guards and the private militias of the nobles who had just gathered had their formation smashed to bits, forcing them to retreat.

It wasn't because they weren't decently trained, neither were they poorly equipped, it was just that the enemy they were facing was unimaginably strong.

The two princes of Saint Cyanda imperial household stood at a safe distance, witnessing the rampage of the Titan. Both of them exchanged gazes before making the same decision at the same time.

"Tell the Burning Marquis."

Both of them ordered their men.

The officer then quickly ran towards the Burning Marquis' mansion after the order was given.

After the order was given, the imperial household and the nobles finally calmed down.

The Titan before them was terrifying but he wasn't invincible.

Everyone knew how powerful the Burning Marquis was.

Therefore, a monster would require another monster to deal with it.

The gathered troops started to retreat as everyone was waiting for the Burning Marquis to arrive.

However, the Titan didn't plan to let the troops leave just like that.

"Come out! You cowardly bastard, show yourself!"

"You've been keeping me away from Dawn City but how can you really stop my steps, me, Darde the Titan's steps? Now! Come out, show yourself! Otherwise, I'll destroy the whole city and lay your plans to waste!"

Darde the Titan's voice echoed throughout Dawn City.

His palm, as big as a common house was slammed at the ground.

A layer of ripples visible to the eye emanated from the Titan's palm and spread out in all directions like waves of ripples on a lake.

Anything that came in contact with the ripple, human or building, everything was shredded to pieces.

The wave of ripples was like a meat grinder, whipping up a bloody wind as it danced through certain areas, swallowing a whole street block within an instant.

The imperials and nobles who retreated farther away were dumbstruck by the scene before their eyes.

While looking at the ruins in front of their eyes, their minds were still recalling the intact street from a moment ago. Amidst their panic, they couldn't maintain their s- called noble etiquette anymore.

Each of them was trembling intensely as their faces turned extremely ugly.

"Retreat! Retreat!"

One of the nobles couldn't stand it anymore and shouted out loud; followed by a second, a third and so on.

The nobles retreated one after another, searching for a safer place to hide.

The two princes from the imperial household really wanted to show off their valiantness and courage during this desperate time but with their lives threatened, it made them run faster than the nobles.

The imperial royal guards and private militias of the nobles that spent a full 10 minutes gathering into formation retreated at a speed, 10 times, no, 100 times faster than before.

A few breaths of time later, every one of them vanished.

Dawn City was like a city with empty defenses in front of Darde the Titan.

Darde, however, wasn't surprised at all as it wasn't his first time.

He knew perfectly well how to destroy the defense line in the natives' heart.

However, Darde's opponent was a little different.

Sharing the same identity as a player, his opponent was incomparable to natives.

If Darde didn't get a hold of his opponent's weak point, it would be hard for him to force his opponent into submission.

Fortunately, he has!

"Still now showing yourself eh? Maybe you think you still can hide in front of me?"

Darde purposely prolonged his tone.

Those giant eyes of his were staring at his own shadow.

Under Darde's gaze, the shadow that belonged to his opponent started to boil like water.

Another similarly huge figure inflated like a balloon from Darde's shadow. Under the shadow's scarlet red eyes, it had a bloodthirst similar to the Titan.

"Finally you dare to show yourself! So this is your "Cutting Shadow Spell?" Not too shabby but it has too many flaws!"

Amidst the thundering words, Darde's body emitted in blinding light.

The similarly huge shadow that seemed to be evenly matched was destroyed by the blinding light just like that.

Darde the Titan gained victory in an extremely easy manner.

[Player Ansecord died…]

Standing in front of a window, Kieran squinted his eyes as he watched over the scene.

He frowned.

Something wasn't right!
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