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"Y-You! How is this possible?!" No one can escape from the graves!"

Nordin cried out in disbelief under the blazing flames.

Kieran, as always, didn't have the habit of answering his enemies' questions.

When Nordin was wailing in excruciating pain, the [Beheader Flaming Sword] appeared in his hand.

The flaming butcher's weapon was enhanced two ranks and it had reached new heights.

The moment it appeared, even the void rippled.

It wasn't the distortion because of heat anymore but… a kind of tremble! As if the void met its bane, thus trembling ceaselessly.

Devil Kieran's sharp senses caught the changes but it didn't stop him from slashing his enemy.


The giant, burning beheader sword slashed across Nordin's blazing body.

There was no resistance and he was slashed in half.

The powerful life force was instantly devoured by the flaming sword.

The persistent and crazy will were destroyed and all that was left was a claw.

A claw with its legs attached yet missing a talon.

A familiar presence came from the claw as Kieran picked it up.

[Name: Key of Grave]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: III]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: V]

[Attribute: Open (Open the grave with similar, reacting energy, or a blood tribute of a thousand strong living beings)]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Corresponding Energy]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: No]

[Remark: It comes from a certain living being yet it was used in other ways.]



Without further hints, Kieran thought of the special whirlpool.

Just when Kieran was thinking about the whirlpool, the scorching devil flame started to gather on the claw.


A weird resonance started following the flames.

A violent wind appeared before Kieran, swirling and sweeping everything but it disappeared the next second.

It was Kieran who stopped the transfer of devil flame to the claw because he knew what would come if the wind took form: the whirlpool!

The whirlpool that appeared before and vanished along with the violent wind; it incited an unparalleled longing in Kieran's heart, causing him to dive in, disregarding consequences.

He didn't know what was inside but the logic and calm that he cultivated through experience allowed him to know what the right thing to do was.

Kieran chose to deceive his foe.

It may seem like Kieran had dived into the whirlpool but actually, he hid before he even got in.

He wanted to lure out the mastermind behind the scenes.

The strange statue, the blood sacrifice of the guards, Kieran would never believe that it was all a natural phenomenon.

Then, everything unfolded exactly as Kieran had anticipated.

Although the one who took the bait wasn't the one he was anticipating, he still got a lot out of it.

Other than the [Key of Grave], it was the hidden information.

"The biggest secret of Burning Dawn. The Grave…"

Kieran muttered softly, his mind was replaying the scene where he caught a glimpse of inside the whirlpool.

Pitch black with a dash of dark red, decaying with a vile stench but…

One should feel disgusted at the scene but Kieran didn't, all he felt it was a delicious sensation.

For a second back there, he felt hunger, the kind of extreme hunger after starving for a few days, even his body started to slim down and right at the very last moment, he saw a delicious meal placed in front of him.

However, a huge and blurry figure was hiding inside and it has a natural terrorizing presence.

Despite the figure being restrained by something and only being able to struggle, Kieran still felt a scary terrorizing presence from the figure. Even with his enhanced devil force, the sense of terrorizing danger was like a dark cloud floating above his mind, causing him discomfort.

"What is that?" Kieran pondered upon the question.

Meanwhile, Luzarc strode over to Kieran.

The chief rider of Burning Dawn knew that Golden City had lost its last chance following Nordin's death.

They won. A victory they had been longing for and it was the most unbelievable one yet.

A single man sieging a whole city.

This kind of victory was only heard of during the mythical, legendary times, and Luzarc was awestruck by it, causing his body to tremble with excitement.

What else was more powerful in declaring Burning Dawn's return than this victory?

What else was better than showing people how strong the heir of Burning Dawn was other than this victory?

None! The victory they had now was the best they could ask for!

Look at that tall, burning figure!

While feeling the heat from the scorching heat and rumbling magma, Luzarc knelt on the ground on one knee.

"My lord! This is from the first generation Burning Marquis and Grand Duke of Dawn, it has been kept a secret in Burning Dawn for a hundred years! Only the true heir can own the rights to blow it."

A black horn similar to a cow's was handed to Kieran by Luzarc.

[Name: Burning Horn]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: I]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: III]

[Attribute: 1. Charge; 2. Radiance; 3. Burning]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: The heir of Burning Dawn]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: The Grand Duke of Dawn provided the materials while the Burning Marquis crafted it. Possesses unthinkable effects.]


[Charge: When the Charging Horn is blown, allies (within a 100-meter radius of the blower) will receive Strength, Agility and Constitution +1 buff for 30-second duration, 2/ day]

[Radiance: When the Radiance Horn is blown, allies (within a 100-meter radius of the blower) will receive a Secondary Healing effect, 1/day]

[Burning: This is the special horn that can only be blown by the one with Devil's lineage and in devil form. When blown, the Devil form will receive an enhancement of chaotic energy. Level of enhancement is determined by the environment. Once every 5 days]


"A special equipment for the devil form?" Kieran was shocked.

He took the horn with his hand. The rampant devil flame didn't even burn the horn a bit, quite the opposite, it turned thoroughly red when Kieran had it in his devil hand as if he was holding a piece of burning metal.

"Please blow it."

Luzarc said solemnly when he saw Kieran take the horn.

"Please blow it!"

The elite riders behind the chief said in unison as well.

Kieran didn't reject.

Wuuu, wuuuuu!

The thoroughly red horn was blown.

The sound of the horn wasn't as bleak as the common one, instead, it had an unexplainable excitement and even the environment underwent a huge change.

Supreme road was normal on itself for being a barren land, nothing else was special about it at all times but when [Burning Horn] was blown…


The land shook slightly and fiery clouds started to gather in the sky.

Then, 11 pillars of fire sprung out from the ground, bursting to the sky from the starting point of Supreme Road until its ending point.

The pillars of fire actually represented the outpost stations of Burning Dawn throughout Supreme Road.

The blazing flames sprung up to the sky yet it didn't harm the soldiers in the outpost stations at all.

The soldiers looked up in awe, watching the blazing flames flying and exploding like fireworks.

They didn't know what was going on; some were slightly stunned before hot tears filled their eyes.

"Welcome back, my lord."

Amidst the loud calling, all the soldiers turned towards the direction of Golden City.

"Wait for my return, with the glory that belonged to us."

"Wait for my return, with the radiance that belonged to us."

"When I return, it is time to destroy our enemies."

"When I return, the sky will be covered in flames."

"When I return, the Burning Dawn will radiate once more."

"We will rebuild our pride and glory in Golden City."

"We will patrol Supreme Road and we will land in Saint Cyanda… as IMMORTALS!"
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