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Golden Horn, the most elite riders of Golden City were destined to lose the moment they clashed with Kieran.

Both sides were not on the same power level.

Suppression! A total suppression from top to bottom!

The most primal force of nature was infused into Kieran's charge, allowing him to pry open the group of riders within two breath's time as if he was a knife cutting through tofu.


The battle declaration ended and the slaughter declaration was issued.

[Elmerius Sword] which was slightly bigger than [Arrogant Word] appeared in Kieran's left hand.

With a greatsword in each of his hand, Kieran exerted strength through his wrist and laid both greatswords horizontally; he stepped out with his left foot, followed by his right and he instantly turned into a spinning top.

[Arrogant Word] and [Elmerius Sword] followed along with the spinning motion as well. As both greatswords spun, they cut through everything in Kieran's path, be it horses or men, everything was cut in two or more pieces.

While Kieran was spinning around with [Arrogant Word] and [Elmerius Sword], he was the meat grinder on the battlefield that did not know exhaustion.

From left to right; from right to left.

Before the elite riders of Golden City could react, they were torn to shreds.

More blood spilled on the ground, soaking the mud wet and tainting it red.

Bodies piled up one after another as a small hill of bodies has formed.

Kieran then stopped his slaughter-fest.

He stood on top of the hill of bodies and the sea of blood, staring coldly at his remaining enemies.

Dong, Dong Dong!

The heart housing the devil was beating vigorously.

The Devil Force was extremely excited and delighted.

It loved slaughtering souls, it'd soak itself in slaughter day and night.

Its slaughter would seize everything, proving its existence.




The explosive roar that should have shaken heaven and earth turned into a mumble.

Not only soft but blurry as well.

Kieran couldn't hear its name and it made the devil angry and restless.

The enraged devil was rumbling in Kieran's body at never before seen speed.

The runes of Basic to Transcendence skills that were branded in Kieran's body shined again.

However, unlike Dawn Force, the Devil Force was much more rampant and arrogant.

It lit up the runes in the most rampant way possible and at the same time devouring the darkness in Kieran's body.

It wasn't the soft expelling of Dawn Force but it had its own bold and resolute devouring, as if the Devil Force was a hungry wolf, tearing its prey apart.

The darkness in Kieran's body faded away like the tides, leaving only the darkness near his head which was still as strong as iron.

The Devil Force charged towards the darkness again but Kieran stopped it.

Unlike the other parts of his body, his head housed his brain and he knew how important it was to not meddle with his brain. A slight misstep would and he end up dead and with how rampant the Devil Force was, how could it be careful?

The enraged Devil Force was disregarding the consequences against Kieran's intervention though.

"Stop!" Kieran emphasized.

Dawn Force, Saint Thorn Force, and Plague Force moved together with his voice.

Cardinal Sins Force also watched the situation with hostility.

The charging Devil Force halted and roared in unwillingness before it shrank back completely.

The Devil Force went silent but following its roar, it messed up the situation outside the body.

The blood that soaked the land floated up above Kieran's head and it swiftly formed a giant head of the devil with its mouth opening loud for a roar.

The dead bodies around slowly climbed up because of [Blaspheme Whisper] from the devil's word.

The revived dead automatically dashed towards the living.

Instantly, the already messy Golden City military camp suffered further damage and every soldier scattered.

A gaze of despair mixed with fear appeared in the eyes of the Golden City soldiers; their faces had looks of disbelief.

Even though it was a fact before their eyes, they were unwilling to believe that their strongest group of riders could die under the hands of a single person.

But what more horrifying was… the devil!

The devil's head that was roaring!

"The devil! The devil of Burning Dawn is back!"

One of the panicking soldiers yelled in horror.

The ancient tales were treated as jokes by the soldiers but now, it was appearing in every soldier's heart.

He charged forward like a storm, shattering enemy formations.

He was the unchallenged, undefeated.

He looked down on everything that ever lived.

He was born from purgatory yet was rampaging on earth.

He had chaos in his blood yet was protecting the order of man.

Look at the devil's horn, listen to the devil's roar.

One's nose will sting of sulfur; One's mouth will be filled with luscious blood.

When the blazing wings opened, it was the time for the Burning to charge and enemies to wail; everything will be burned down by the scorching flames.

No one could resist, no one could hide.

Death will not help and all people can do is to comply.

Lines of words appeared in their minds, voices of warning echoed in their ears.

The already panicked Golden City soldiers collapsed from fear.

Some of them ran, some of them knelt to beg but the hatred from the dead towards the living killed the begging ones first and the fleeing ones later.

There was no resistance at all throughout the process though.

The frightened beyond logic soldiers only wanted to escape from this place.

Kieran, on the other hand, didn't give chase because his goal was achieved.

The siege from Golden City had successfully been dissolved and without further benefits, Kieran wouldn't do the unnecessary.

More so, he still had to be on guard of the special energy around Supreme Road.

Devil Force wasn't within the list of powers that he planned to use throughout his original plan.

Based on how the special energy around Supreme Road could target other powers and how it restricted him, Kieran could already imagine what kind of situation he would have to face next.

In fact, this round of power surge was completely out of Kieran's expectation.

It was 10 times stronger than the previous and almost 100 times fiercer than the first.

The hidden and strange energy was like a bomb, exploding inside Kieran's body without a sign.


A faint explosion echoed in Kieran's ears and his eyes were seeing stars and smoke.

The power similar to the curse was like a flood breaking through a dam, trying to drown Kieran whole.

Until now, Kieran didn't have to hold back anymore.

His two hearts were more vigorous than ever.

The warm and tenacious Dawn Force.

The hidden and lethal Plague Force.

The silent sharpness of Saint Thorn Force.

The crazily arrogant Devil Force.

The unlimited desire of Cardinal Sins Force.

All his powers combined into one and formed a brand new giant dam, blocking the sudden external energy.

However, that was not all. After a slight pause, the Devil Force sounded the horns of counterattack.

Cardinal Sins Force, Saint Thorn Force, and Plague Force followed its lead behind while Dawn Force once again washing away the hidden danger in Kieran's body.

Although the curse-like power was almost 10 times stronger than the last, it didn't end up better or any different than the previous one.


The nail.

The broken nail inside the crystal bottle with a blurry exterior which was kept in Kieran's pack started to shake slightly.
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