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Mage in the World of Cultivation -1 Ranking and Stages

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[Ascending Humanity]

1-10 Mortal Human Stage

1-5 Peak Mortality Stage

1-5 Opening Dantian Stage

1-5 Chi River Stage

1-5 Chi Lake Stage

1-5 Core Accumulation Stage


[Ascending Mortality]

1-5 Golden Core Stage

1-5 Pillars of Life Stage

1-5 Mind Condensing Stage

1-10 Mind Palace Stage


[Ascending Death]

1-15 Soul Condensing Stage

1-20 Soul Palace Stage


1-25 Tree of Life Stage

1-25 Fountain of Life Stage

1-99 99 Tribulation Stage - face 99 tribulations, 1 every week

-Ascension Tribulation-

[Ascending Life]

1-50 Saint Stage

1-50 Demigod Stage

1-50 Half God Stage

-Karma- Advance to be a God or Devil, depends on personality and deeds

[Ascending World]

Immortal God/Devil Stage (Finished?)



Roots/Equipment/Cultivation Method:

Human Rank

Mortal Rank

Fire Rank

Earth Rank

Sea Rank

Air Rank

Noble Rank

King Rank

Sage Rank

Saint Rank

Heavenly Rank/Demonic Rank (depends on the essence of weapon)

Immortal Rank



Magic Spells:

1st Tier

2nd Tier

3rd Tier

4th Tier

5th Tier

6th Tier

7th Tier

9th Tier

10th Tier

Supreme Tier (11 magic circles)

World Tier (12 magic circles)

Universal Tier (13+ magic circles)

*Untiered - strength unknown, could be weak or strong (any real number of magic circles)



Mage Ranks:

Mortal Tier

1-5 Apprentice Tier (Clear)

1-10 Mage Tier (Blue)

1-10 Master Mage (Purple)

1-10 Sage (Green)

1-10 Master Sage (Dark Green)

1-10 Saint Mage (Red)

1-10 Godly Mage (Black)

1-10 Archmage (White)

1 ???? (All of the above)

-First God: Title ordained by creation itself. Cannot be obtained through any means, must be chosen.

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Rankings are in here. Everything in "???" is something special and will be announced within story
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