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Ascension of the Chaos Emperor 1 Prelude To A New Beginning

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Darkness. Pure, endless darkness. In the darkness, motes of light slowly formed. If one waited for dozens of years, those motes of light would slowly converge upon each other in the darkness, until it took the form of a single, irregular orb.

Within the orb, a consciousness awoke, memories beginning to surface, shaping it back into the soul it had once been before. As the soul contemplated how it existed, since its last memory was of death, a game-style pop-up notification with a robotic voice startled it.

[Resonance System online. Activating user support protocols. System personality generated. Welcome, user.]

"Huh..? What..? What is this?" The soul thought to itself, partially wondering if it was still sane, when another notification alert sounded.

[External threat detected. Initiat-... Access granted. Activating administrator controls.]

"Wait, what is going on?"

[Umm... that's not supposed to happen...]

The sudden addition of another voice scared the soul out of its wits, causing it to mentally scream.

[Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down, it's okay. You're okay. I know you're very confused, but let me explain what's going on.]

Taking some time to recollect its thoughts, the soul eventually regained calmness. Taking a mental breath, as a physical one wasn't exactly possible, it thought, "Okay... what is going on?"

[To explain it clearly, you've been given a chance at reincarnation.]

"Like those novels and stuff like to use for a plot device?"

[As cliche as it is, yes.]

"And, on top of that, there's also the system cliche too?"


A moment of silence pervaded the metaphorical atmosphere before the system voice continued, [So, due to your previous life's collective good fortune from virtuous acts, it seems that the Primordial Chaos's instinctual consciousness granted you this system, along with a variety of things. However, the administrator access... I don't think it meant to do that... but I'm not sure.]

"So, I did a lot of good deeds, so I'm given a chance to reincarnate with a system in order to do more..?"

[Well... I guess... From what my database has collected, it seems you have managed to gain the most amount of good fortune from virtuous acts, or virtue points for relative ease, that anyone has ever gotten from your world. Considering Earth is not the easiest place to be virtuous, I can only assume that the Primordial Chaos chose to grant you this system... And since your last wish before death was to enjoy life, adventure through worlds and explore the mysteries of the universe, the system was given capabilities of resonating with worlds.]

"Well that sure sounds... amazing, but very confusing as well. One thing stands out for me though... what did I do to be so virtuous? I don't remember doing anything crazy enough to change the world."

[Well, not directly anyway. 95% of your virtue points were gained after you died.]

"If I'm not wrong, then it's because of that child I saved during the bank robbery that led to my death, right?"

[Yes, another very cliche moment. In your hasty act to tackle a robber preparing to shoot the mother and child, which lead to you being shot in the heart, you still gave them a smile as you died... The more I go through your memories, the more cliches I see...]

"Very funny, keep going."

[Yes, yes. Anyway, that child, Adrien Thompson, became a motivational speaker, and eventually a founder of a massive non-profit organization meant to help the weak, troubled and those less fortunate. When she went onto various TV talk shows, she often mentioned how your act of selfless bravery fueled her drive to change the lives of others, giving her international attention. By the time she passed, her organization had spanned most of Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East as a multi-billion dollar group. Through it, donations and investments went to everything from scientific research to disaster relief causes. Many of the cultures in the Middle East and Africa were given much needed resources, which continued to sustain them after several research projects discovered ways to purify the water supply and fertilize the ground that had once been infertile. Children were given education that they deserved, several cures for diseases, or at least better treatments for them were discovered, and much more. Still, your act was passed down for generations, in a simple way. In the words of Adrien herself, "In giving up his life to save me, he changed my life. I dedicated my life to changing others, just as he did for me."]

"Wow... I didn't think I'd do anything that amazing... even though I died..."

[Moving onward, you are now in the process of being reborn in a new world. As you have yet to be born, you are not recognized by that new world, so your virtue points can only be used before then, since it will be a new life, and you will be leaving your old life behind, so to speak.]

"Huh... so... how does this system work?"

[Just like a video game system, of course. You can think in your head the commands you want to do, or you can speak it. Either way, the system will perform those commands. Since the administrator access was given, I assume... I hope by accident, some of the commands might be different from what was expected... For now, just ask to view your status just by thinking the word.]

The male soul did so, "Status." A new pop-up notification appeared.


Name: Elior Sheridan (previous)

Age: N/A (awaiting rebirth)

Titles: (3 available)

Health: N/A

Energy (Chakra): N/A


Strength: N/A

Agility: N/A

Dexterity: N/A

Endurance: N/A

Intellect: 500

Wisdom: 250

Luck: 250

Charisma: N/A

Energy Type: N/A

Bloodlines: N/A

Skills/Techniques: N/A


Looking through the status window, Elior was stunned by several things, but what startled him most was the Energy slot. "CHAKRA!?"
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