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"I have waited a long time to say these words to a woman."

"Been looking far and wide for a woman worthy of my patience."

"A woman capable of bearing the long stocked love since the day of my puberty."

"All the while I waited for the one and I've found the one and only of my life."

"Mei Xing, will you marry me?"

A man with gray and white streaked hair, smartly dressed in a suit is on his knees in front of a dashingly beautiful woman. A fulsome beauty of grace and curves.

Time has been kind to Mei Xing, even at the age of 37, she is a beauty that has added grace to her youthful perfection. When look you'll be first to notice her long tussles of shiny black hair that subtly glides in the faintest of wind, then the to dimples that are deep and prominent, which accentuates her sculpted chin.

As the saying 'the cherry on the top' the plump cherry red lips is another highlight, the elegant nose as if it's drawn, and the eyes that are dark vortices that drawn your attention in for hours if ever made eye contact.

However, this epitome of grace does not have a happy expression on her face. Being called out in a room full of patrons in a restaurant made Mei Xing flustered.

"Chuck, I've told you before that I'm not looking for a serious commitment."

"...but, that was before. We've been seeing each other for over 3 years. If anything, neither of us is getting any younger."

There is a lot of taboo with women, when past 30, age is a big taboo, especially for beautiful women. According to the author, every woman is a Goddess. However, like in every mythology when a god is angry, chaos ensues.


"I'm not looking to settle down because of convenience. I still could do a lot better, a lot better than you," saying her piece she walked started making her way out of the restaurant to put behind the stares of the entire restaurant.

Insulted, assaulted and disappointed; Chuck froze on one knee down holding up a diamond ring like an idiot in front a restaurant full of strangers with a fidgety waitress by the side who is holding a bottle of champagne that Chuck secretly ordered for his marriage proposal celebration.

Berating himself over his fantasy of Mei Xing agreeing to marry him. Chuck grabbed the bottle of champagne, threw a stack of cash on the table. Started chugging the whole bottle looking at the curvy backside of Mei Xing, as her high heels clicked the floor in her angry stride, the slight jiggle and swing of her hips did not go unnoticed amongst the male creatures around. The undisguised stare of desire by the men only earned the displeasure of the female partners.

Chuck smirked at the men desiring his girl, but his face turned ugly realizing that she's his girl no more. Displeased over the fact, Chuck took another deep swig at the expensive liquor, drowning his emotions in the buzz of alcohol.

The intoxication numbed Chuck of the incident, he dragged himself towards the parking lot only to find that the waitress has followed him in tow. Looking at the questioning stare of Chuck the slim Brazilian beauty blushed at her brashness following him here.

'Ugh, why did I follow him? This is soo embarrassing', not understanding the reason for her actions the waitress mentally berated herself.

"...Umm hi, I'm Juliana. I saw you walk out chugging the liquor and you headed towards the parking lot, I don't think you should be driving in your condition."

"...uh...", being able to say that is commendable as the silhouette of Juliana became visible because of the car behind turned on the headlights.

A lithe beauty probably in her early 20's with her youthful vibrancy showing through her work clothes. The perfectly articulated cheekbones give Juliana almost an android beauty look. As the eyes dip down to take a look at her body, one can't help but notice the sleek elongated S curve, her toned hands gives an idea of how sleek and femininely chiseled her navel would be and those hips hugging skirts leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to the eloquent curvature of her a*s.

"I am sorry and it's probably none of my business of what you do... my shift will be over in a few minutes."

"... if you want, I could drive you home."


'Is this what you call destiny? I've lost it with the mature beauty and a young one who's looks are none the lesser came running to me?'

Shoving the mental debate that is happening in his brain, Chuck focuses on the fidgeting beauty and decide to put the outspoken little miss out of her embarrassment.

"...Umm, I don't have glasses with me...", said Chuck confusing Juliana, with a pause he continued on, lifting up the champagne bottle.

"... to offer you a drink, but I'd like your company anyways."

Earning the blushing smile of the beauty, Chuck has always been a smooth operator when talking to women.

"I'll bring the glasses when I check out of work."

"You better bring another bottle", Chuck threw her his AMX centurion card, the exclusive credit card widened the eyes of Juliana.
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Seeing the expected reaction, Chuck smirked saying, "buy the most expensive one. It's on me."

While looking at the backside of Juliana as she walked back, Chuck saw other drivers checking her out, smirking at the envious stares, he thought to himself.

'Oh, this time the smirk's gonna stay. I thought I'm gonna tame a wild turkey with a ring, but I guess spring chicken is what destined for today's menu.'

However, unbeknownst to him, a beauty of godly perfection is looking down at him from tens of thousands of feet above the ground.

"Oh, a virgin acting like a lecher? He should be fun to watch for a while, I guess..."

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