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The Legendary Grandmaster of Magic and Alchemy 1 Book 1- Chapter One: The Girl who Cultivates with Sentimentals

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Book 1- Chapter One: The Girl who Cultivates with Sentimentals

In a faraway realm, a realm of magic, of daos[Way/Path], laws and forces, there was a large and wide world called "The Magis Millions World".

In this huge, wide, never-ending world, there were 10 major continents that were surrounded by a gigantic oceanic sea called the Billions Miles Sea. This sea was large and wide as it separated the 10 continents, making the distance between each continent literally a billion miles away. Never less and never more than a billion miles.

In the middle of this sea lies the largest continent, The Norsisca Continent.

The next continent was called The Yarandor Continent, which was to the Far East of Norsisca Continent. Separated by the Billion Miles Sea.

Then, to the Far West of Norsisca Continent, was the richest continent in terms of human activities in this never-ending world, the Altanim Continent.

Following Altanim as the richest in term of human activities, the next one was the continent with the barest of human activity in term of acknowledgement, and that was The Arimia Continent.

Following Arimia as the barest continent, was the dangerous continent due to the unknown in human knowledge, The Continent called Addonis, located to the Far South of Norsisca Continent. The Continent of the Chaos Beasts. The Land of the Beasts- be it demonic, heavenly, holy, satanic, evil or otherwise.

And then, as if that wasn't enough, far to the West of Altanim and Addonis Continents, lies the two Forbidden Continent. The Blood Continent and the Sky Continent.

On top of those two Forbidden Continents, there's also another three more Forbidden, more primordial, Continents going by Ellimor Continent, Helnim Continent, and The Dark Mist Continent.

These 10 Continents made up the majority, discovered or known of, lands/continents within The Magis Millions World.

In this world of Magis Millions World, there lies billions of different kind of realms, pocket-dimensions, worlds, and realism that connected from and through the Magis Millions World. This made the beings living in this world far stranger and stronger in the way that they live.

In this large, wide, and endless world, there's a small floating island hovering between the Altanim Continent, Norsisca Continent, and Addonis Continent.

This small floating island looks small compared to the other three Continent land sides but, truly, this island wasn't that small at all.

On this island, there was layerd of shining formations glowing in the air surrounding the whole island, leaving no place amiss. This cause the inside of the inside to be very apparent and clean of impurity or pollutions, making this island a place so beautiful that it will literally take your breath away if you see it for the first time.

There's a large stone mansion in the middle of the island. Surrounding by large trees forest, farms, rivers, volcanic mountains that was not connected to the World's Core, and grasslands.

Weirdly enough, there's a lot of shining substance like object flying around the stone mansion. Substances that looks like some kind of symbols, letters, glyphs, signs, and runes were flying all around. Some have distinctive shapes while other look shapeless.

Somewhere within the house, there was an area that's filled with a large and pure amount of mana concentration. Within that area, there was a very beautiful girl with long wavy green hair, standing in front of a large and magnificent looking workstation- an Alchemy Workstation.

On that lady's hand was a small cylinder tube filled with dark and boiling purple liquid of some kind. The aura coming from that tube of liquid was oddly sparkling and yet also oddly ominous.

On top of that alchemy workstation, there was rows and rows of other colored, shapes, and sizes of tubes. Some of the tubes, the cylinders, were made with crystal jade stone, some were made with some kind of bones, while other was glasses. Within those cylinders, there was all kind of oddly shaped herbs insides. Making the cylinder shines and glows with a dazzling amount of lights.

Strangely enough, a semi-transparency little person was behind the lady's back, trying to get closer to her but was failing it every time.

'Your Majesty! Please stop!' the little semi-transparency being cried as he or she continues to exerted their strength and force. Yet, no matter what they do, the girl didn't react at all nor could they get close enough toward the girl.

Soon enough, that little semi-transparent being got exhausted and had to stop to catches their strength.

'What should we do? We alone cannot stop her Majesty from successfully making that dreadful thing,'

'We should go back to the other realm! We need to get the Emperor to do something!'

'I agree! Let us hurry up and return!'

In a split second, the semi-transparent beings were gone. Leaving nothing behind, not even a trace of mana.

The girl with the long wavy green hair turned her eyes toward the area that those being was at, only to nonchalantly ignore it.

Had anyone seen the looks within this woman's eyes, they would be so shocked that their soul would have left their body.

Why? Because this girl was not normal.

It was no wonder why the very magic spirits that were made out of the Forces and Law of the universe cannot do anything to stop this girl.

It was all because this girl was a cultivator. A cultivator who had never run away from her own feelings. A cultivator who cultivates with sentimental.

Her eyes speak of a sadness so deep that it made the Billion Miles Sea look shallow. Her movement was so elegant, flawless, and graceful that it makes the very air surrounding her kneel down.

Her presence was so... indifferences that it causes the 'ominously' items on the alchemy workstation to response back. Not with aggressiveness, cruelty, intolerant, resentful, or revengeful. But rather, affectionate toward this woman. Which was- what the hell?

She could have been the cause of their deaths and yet they don't resent her or dislike her, at all. Instead, they are very affectionate for and toward her. So, what the hell?

Right now, those ominous objects where also vibrating with worries. This was all because of the object on that woman's hand.

The detachment expression on her face changes slightly as something akin to hope and exhaustion flicked by.

The looks in her eyes were indifference but the sensation of the atmosphere surrounding her was filled with feelings and emotions.

The atmosphere surrounding this woman was not pleasant; tiredness, sadness, sorrow, desolation, solitude, depression, grief. All of these feelings cause the air that surrounded this woman to vibrant with a clear misery aura.

"Maybe, this is it." The soft, hoarse from how rarely she use it, voices from the woman causes the air to shiver with power.

The woman blinked her eyes as tiredness make her body exhausted. She waves her hand as everything on the workstation disappeared. The ring on her right-hand shine for a split second, showing an engraved flower on it.


A mere sigh from this woman causes the whole island to shakes. The air shimmered, the ground trembled, the sky darkening dangerously, thunder roars in the surrounding, the sea surges as if ten hurricanes was concentrating its power on one area. The very space vibrates with power.

Within less than a split second- too fast to see or feel- the woman vanished from her spot and reappeared outside a field of very short- yet strangely strong, grassland. Behind her were her house; the stone mansion, and all the gardens and farms of different variety of plants to the sides of the mansion.

In front of the woman was a space of sky.

With the island floating above the sea, the woman could see tens of large and deadly hurricane wrecking the sea water near to her. Large and dense amount of dark purple clouds roaring in. Thousands of thunder and lightning flashing across the sky. The air twist and form, causing the pure blue sky to look like an illusion.

And yet, strangely enough, above the island, stars flashes by pleasantly with no sight of anything wrong.

The woman sat on the grasses as she lies down, staring into the stars above her.

"Nothing... There's nothing," She whispered softly to herself.

The stars above seem to tremble with a force that threatened to tears down the whole world.

The woman closes her eyes as her hand clenched tightly together. Her body shuddered as hope and any expectation that she has left her. Two large drops of blue liquid slide down her face, dropping into the grasses. The grasses surrounding the woman shot up with vitality, strength, and profoundness presence. However, soon it dried up and turned to ash. All because of the now-presented bottle of liquid on the woman's hand.

It was the same liquid from before, only now it was inside a thick glass bottle with stars and moons inscribed on it.

The woman set up as she wiped away her tears.

"There's no use crying now, Megie. Kainen will not return to this world ever again," She whispered to herself before drowning the whole bottle of potion into her mouth and swallow it with no hesitation.

For a couple silent second, she didn't feel anything.

"... Did it fail too?" She whispered, coarsely.

"Ah." She feels it. A small sharp pain in the back of her brain.

A small, barely there, smile grace her face. She turns around and tilts her head to the side slightly.

"No use having this place remain..." She said as she waves her hand. Within a split second, the whole stone mansion, gardens, trees farms, waterway, the fruit -trees, even the volcano in the far distance away vanished into thin air. Leaving behind only a desolated land full with cracked earth.

This time, the ring on her left hand shine brightly, before the ring, too, vanished into thin air.

"Good..." She whispered as she closed her eyes and lied back down into the bared ground.

And then she waited.

She waited as the pain grown stronger.

She waited as the inside of her mind started to tremble.

She waited as her soul started to trembled in pain.

She waited as her body started to feels... stiff.

And still, she waited.

Soon enough, she whispered her words into the winds. "Goodbye, you guys."

"Kai- Where are you?" She whispered her last word.

The whole world trembled. Anyone, be it humans or beasts or otherwise, feels that the world was coming to an end.

They all trembled as instinctual fears bought them down to their knees.

Suddenly, a lot of mysterious and profound voice vibrate across the world.

"No~! Master!"

"Your Majesty!"

"Your Grace!"


"Don't go!"

"Master, please don't go!"

"Your Holiness!"

And finally, a soft yet deep voice said, "Megie Moonshine, you cannot go,"

But, by then, it was too late for those being to do anything.

As the one called Megie Moonshine last draw her breathe, a large pitch black hole of some kind appeared near her.

Out came a tall man in a purple and black robe. He was very handsome. So handsome that it will literally kill anyone upon sight. His eyes are golden, his hair was pitch black, his skins are flawless, his ears were longer than humans, and behind him was a long tail that splits into a lot of other smaller tails. In fact, there might be more than 50 tails behind him.

"... I came too late," He whispered as he bends down to touches the body of the one called Megie Moonshine.

Behind the man, the semi-transparent person from before kneel down and cries with tears in his/her/its eyes.

'No, Your Majesty!'

"Sigh." The man sighed in regret and remorse. A deep sadness came from his profound eyes.

"She finally got her wishes after three hundred billion years. Don't cry for her. She's at peace now," The man said softly toward the 'person' behind him. His eyes penitence over his lateness.

'Your Highness... But, now that Her Majesty's not here anymore, would this world be in trouble?' The crying person wiped his/her tears as it looks at the man. Worries and dread clearly visible within its eyes.

"She will be back. Megie Moonshine is truly the only human in this world who would never truly died. Even though she had thought that she had succeeded it this time, this was just another door for her. So, don't cry. She might not be back in another thousand years but she will be back in another million years. Before that, guard her body well. Guard my Beloved Holy Mother's body well." The man said as he waved his hand and suddenly, the whole floating island vanished.

'Yes, Your Holiness,' The crying beings turned itself into a billion butterflies as they circle the body of Megie Moonshine.

"Mother, you really don't want to be here anymore, huh? -But, sorry, this world needs you. This realm needs you. You will find out that your life will never end even if this whole realm collapsed and vanish. You will find that you alone are truly an Immortal God." The man said as he looked at the body of Megie Moonshine being surrounded by billions of colorful butterflies.

A small, profound smile grace his lips, "Mother, good luck. Tell Father that I miss him, too." The man said as he vanished from where he stood, leaving nothing behind.


Far away from the world of Magis Millions World, in a world called Aquiiros, a small girl by the name of Jenna Loveheart opened her eyes.

"..." And promptly froze.

The air froze as if something was happening. Soon enough, a coarse young, a voice of a girl screaming came out.

"Goddamnit, who the fuck prevent my soul from dissipating?! Just let me die already, goddamnit!"

Her eyes shine brightly with powers as the air around her tremble.

"Motherfuc*er!" She curses, angrily.

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