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Bride of the Night, Chapter 3

Start at the beginning! Here are links for the summaries of the prologue, chapter one and chapter two.

In chapter three of Bride of the Night, Finn and Tara both make it to an island after their boats explode. Tara knows that someone is after her, and Finn knows that he's looking for those who escaped the boat. Neither knows it's the other who have come ashore, though.

In the previous chapter, the reader learns that Finn has been carrying a piece of Tara's hair since their first encounter. When he realizes it is she that he's found on the island, Finn begins to question whether Tara is the spy he's searching for.

After she escapes from him once, though, and he discovers her injured friend Richard, Finn realizes that Tara is not exactly human.

This is an interesting chapter because the action from chapter two continues, and the reader discovers that Tara isn't quite as intrigued by Finn as Finn is by Tara. Tara believes Finn to be extremely arrogant, though the reader knows that Finn is simply good at his job. He's not as much of a jerk as she believes. And I found it interesting that Finn basically confirmed what the reader had already discovered in passing: Tara is half-vampire.

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