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To Touch a Sheikh by Olivia Gates

I’ve loved every sheikh book I’ve ever read. All three of them. 

Until now, that is. With Olivia Gates’ To Touch a Sheikh, I’m sad to say that the sheikh-loving streak has come to an end. At times, this book exhausted me.

It was written on an interesting premise. Amjad, the crowned prince of Zohayd, has never had much luck in love. His first wife tried to kill him with antifreeze, and since that betrayal, Amjad has refused to let anyone into his heart or head. He seems to stare through people with his eyes. He’s unpredictable and arrogant.

And he’s everything Maram wants.

Maram is the princess of a neighboring kingdom, and Amjad is all Princess Maram has been able to think of since the first time she laid eyes on him. Maram isn’t a weak, submissive woman, though, waiting for Amjad to notice her. Instead, Maram spent her childhood with her mother in the United States, where she learned to speak her mind and fend for herself. Though she wants to be with Amjad, Maram isn’t willing to become someone else to please him.

Which means the pair bickers incessantly.

Initially, I found the back and forth banter to be entertaining. Before long, though, it became exhausting. Around page 75 or so, Maram quit teasing Amjad and began to speak the truth, yet the prince refused to believe anything she said. That’s about when the exchanges became enervating.

And from Maram’s point of view, it then goes from bad to worse. In order to save Maram from a sandstorm, he leads her to believe that he needs to take her from the desert to his oasis getaway. After Maram begins to believe that she’s broken through Amjad’s wall — yes, there was sex — she discovers that Amjad hasn’t taken her to his cabin to protect her, but instead to kidnap her, in an effort to recover the stolen jewels of the kingdom.

As it turns out, Amjad believes that Maram’s father, is responsible for the disappearance of the jewels. 

When her father refuses to pay the ransom to save her, Maram feels more alone than ever. Will Amjad tell her the truth about his scheme before it’s too late, or has the couple lost their love forever?

Aside from the irritating bickering, I didn’t mind this book a whole lot. At times, though, I did have a little trouble keeping track of the political schemes and scandals, as it seemed that Maram and Amjads brothers were constantly realigning themselves with this group or that group. I like to be able to sit down and read a book and enjoy it. With To Touch a Sheikh, I found that I had to reread parts in order for the story to make sense.

I loved Maram’s strength and intelligence, as well as her strong sense of self, though, and even Amjad’s brooding was super sexy at times.

Title: To Touch a Sheikh | By: Olivia Gates | Series: Prince of Zohayd Trilogy, #3 | Publisher: Harlequin Desire, 2011 | ISBN: 978-0373731169 | RLB Grade: C- | Find it on Amazon: To Touch a Sheikh

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