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Only Mine by Susan Mallery

With the fourth installment of her Fool’s Gold series, Susan Mallery has breathed new life into the love found in each of the previous three books in the series.

And I’m not just talking about romantic love, though that certainly is present in this novel. The love between sister’s and the women of the community is perhaps the most touching and inspirational part of Only Mine.

Foo's Gold is a fictional town in California — one that is prefect for the ladies, as the number of women in town greatly outranks the number of men. This time around, Hollywood has latched onto the disparity between the sexes, and has come to town with a film crew to create a dating reality show, called True Love or Fool’s Gold.

Two of the most popular cast members are 21-year-old twin brothers Sasha and Stephen. Just one semester shy of finishing college in Alaska, the brother have decided to skip town and head for the hills of Hollywood.

Which doesn’t please Finn, their older brother and once-upon-a-time guardian, a whole lot. He’s followed the twins to Fool’s Gold to convince them to return home and finish college — or else. Finn, a cargo pilot, is in town just long enough to bring the boys home, and then plans to return to work.

While on his mission, Finn meets a local woman named Dakota Hendrix. A down-to-earth, no-nonsense kind of woman, Dakota tries to convince Finn that the twins are old enough to take care of themselves. Somewhere along the way, though, she begins to have feelings for the sexy Alaskan pilot. But common sense tells her that he won’t be around for long...

There are so many complicated parts to this story, and though the romantic relationship between Finn and Dakota is interesting, it isn’t nearly as interesting to me as the relationship between Dakota, her sisters, and the numerous other women in the town.

Because I grew up with two sisters, I know the importance of a sisterly love and support during difficult times. And as the story begins, Dakota has just discovered that she has endometriosis and PCOS, and thus is not likely to have children. As comforting as a man may be at times, a woman’s love and support that would be more extremely valuable to someone in Dakota’s situation. Luckily, Dakota is part of a set of triplets and has two identical sisters and a supportive mother to help her through the time.

That’s not to say that Finn isn’t supportive when he discovers Dakota’s problem. He’s sympathetic, but seems to look at it as something that doesn’t exactly concern him. I really went back and forth on my feelings toward Finn because, at times, he was an awesome and sexy, dependable character, and others, he was a chump. I didn’t really like the way that Mallery wrote him in the end of the book, because it seemed as if he changed character dramatically in the last few pages to fit the story. His actions didn’t seem to fit with his character and personality in the first 370 pages of the book. As a reader, I felt like I had spent almost 400 pages with a character who I didn’t know at all.

Finn aside, Only Mine is a pretty warm and friendly, inviting book, with spots of wit and humor to keep it entertaining. I loved Dakota’s intelligence and style and beyond loved the relationship among her family members and the other women in the town. The story itself didn’t exactly pop, but it was worth a read.

Only Mine is the fourth book in the Fool’s Gold series. It was released yesterday, July 26, 2011.

Title: Only Mine | By: Susan Mallery | Series: Fool’s Gold, No. 4 | Publisher: HQN Books | ISBN: 978-0373775880 | RLB Grade: C+ | Find it on Amazon: Only Mine

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