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99 cent ebook: Little Miss Independent by Julia Templeton

Little Miss Independent by Julia Templeton is another short story. It’s about 20 pages in length, so it isn’t very long.

But it is super cute. It features Roan, a naval officer covered in scars, and Addy Bruce, his best friend’s little sister. According to the book description, Addy is “the toast of the ton.” When a young lord begins to court her with marriage on his mind, though, Roan takes notice. He begins to spend more time with Addy. Before long, he recognizes that Addy, sweet, sweet Addy, is the only person who seems to look past his scarred face. He must move to ask for her hand in marriage before it’s too late, but will his appearance deter her? Will his relationship with her brother and guardian make things difficult? You’ll have to read to find out!

I love Addy and her independence and determination. I loved Roan and how real he is. I love the whole story — I just wish it was a little longer, is all.

In truth, it’s so short that there isn’t really much to say about it. Except that yes, it does have the same cover as Carolyn Jewel's Moonlight.

I don’t know that I would purchase it on it’s own. Similar to some of the other 99 cent eBooks I’ve written about, Little Miss Independent was originally featured in The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance. I would purchase that instead and get all 23 short stories, rather than the single Templeton story.  

Title: Little Miss Independent | By: Julia Templeton | RLB Grade: A | Find it on Amazon: Little Miss Independent

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