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99 cent ebook: The Piano Tutor by Anthea Lawson

Short and sweet, The Piano Tutor by Anthea Lawson is the story of the time when Lady Diana Waverly threw propriety to the goats.

As the short story begins, widow Diana is roused by beautiful sounds of a melodic piano, only to discover that her stepdaughter’s piano teacher has not arrived, but instead has sent a much younger substitute in his place. Diana quickly falls for Nicholas Jameson, offering to him something she hasn’t given to anyone in quite some time…

Before it was published as an ebook, The Piano Tutor was originally featured in The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance, an anthology of Regency short stories. Because of the length of the story — about 20ish pages — it is difficult for Lawson to fully develop the characters. Instead of getting to know Diana and Nicholas, the reader is forced to simply enjoy the pace and movement of the story.

In this instance, it works in Lawson’s favor. She’s paced the story well, filled it out with a lot of beautiful writing and flowery prose, and given the reader a reason to believe in love stories. It’s short and sweet, and there isn’t a whole lot to it — I would call it an estory rather than an ebook — but it likely will leave you smiling at the end.

Title: The Piano Tutor | By: Anthea Lawson | Publisher: Anthea Lawson, 2011 | RLB Grade: B | Find it on Amazon: The Piano Tutor

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