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She transmigrated and started different life 1 One last day

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''Kendra Johnson. Miss Kendra Johnson please!''The sister yelled looking around.Near the window she saw old woman asleep.She slowly approached in fear not to scare her.She lightly patted her arm and in slight voice asked again''Miss Kendra Johnson?''

The old lady woke up and looked confused at the slightly smiling sister.She realized she fell asleep while waiting her turn for annual check at the doctors.

''Yes I am Kendra Johnson.I am really sorry for being bother but could you help me up.I think my feet fell asleep as well.''She asked while apologetically looked at friendly young woman in front of her.She was not jealous of her youth,she just regretted wasting her life and never truly living.

When she was younger she worked a lot to be able to have safety at her age.She never had time for fun things as others.She worked sometimes even two shifts if someone asked her.At the end she didn't had any family so whenever anyone needed replacement ,they always called her.

She did indeed got more money for extra work and bunch of bonuses.but that didn't change fact that she has minimum or no spare time for her partners that would leave her one after other because she never took time for their relationship.

When she had time she would read books about different places.her dream was to take backpack tour around world.She was smart since young age.So whatever she red she would remember it immediately.That helped her go trough the schools and the college without glitch.

As soon she left school she got good offer at famous company where she was at first worker like everyone else.But she worked hard so she raised up quite quickly and in only few tears she became partner and shareholder.

That is one of the reasons she worked so hard. If she was just one of the workers she would have had more free time ,but as the higher she went ,less free time she had.On end she got rich but old.

What to do with all that money if you can't use it yourself.

She found out few months ago that she has last stage of breast cancer.She never checked herself as she always taught of herself quite healthy.What a mistake.She is in her seventies but she felt like 100 years old.

She already donated money directly to people in need.In last few months she traveled around the country and gave bit buy bit of her money to people that needed it.

She didn't want to give it to any organisation as she didn't trust any.She just gave it directly to people in need and changed their life for better.As her life was almost at end she just left enough to last her for last days.

With help of sister she entered the doctors office and sat on given seat.

''Miss Johnson,what have you done?Why did you travel so much?You made your condition advance faster.Soon the painkillers wont work for you.''he said knowing what she was doing all this time.Whole world knew because people from all over the country were talking about her deeds.

''Young man.What is point of all that money if my life will end anyway in short time.I worked all my life and with that money I at least gave people in need some security and possibility for new life.''She said while smiling.''Do not worry to much.I can already feel how my life is ending.I just don't want to die scooped in hospital bed.At least that much I want to avoid.''

''What can we do to make you more comfortable?Just tell us we will do it.''he said while looking at her with sorrow in his eyes.

''You do not need to pity me.I had long life.I just want to die in my house looking at the sunset.That is my last wish.Please let me.'' she said while thinking about the last gift she would give to the people of this town.After all she is billionaire and she didn't had enough time to help everyone.So the rest of money she will use it to open free health care for people in need.

She slowly stood up from the seat and left the office.As she slowly left hospital the doctors and nurses started wiping their eyes as they knew her idea already.They knew whats he was doing and were grateful.They intend to call the hospital by her name.So the further generations would remember her generosity.

As the driver took her back home she taught about her life.She was orphan from young age and first she lived in orphanage but as she was smart kid she got different scholarships and lived life as it is. she has no kids,no family members so she gave it to the world.Its not like she can take it with her.

Kendra looked trough window at the seaside where she bought her little house.Indeed here will be her last rest.

The nurse waited at home and nagged her why she left alone.She was worried about this old lady. She chuckled as she stopped her and asked her for some tea.Yes good old tea would make her often happy.

She went outside to the garden and sat on her swinging chair.The day was perfect.As it was still spring,the sun was warm and pleasant .The wind went trough the leaves of the trees and rustled.In background she could hear waves hitting at the beach.She felt sleepy and with all those voices she calmed down felt light.She fell into deep sleep.

When the nurse came out with the tea she saw miss Johnson sleeping with slight smile on her face.As she tried to wake her up she realized that she already left this world.She started crying while calling ambulance.

The funeral of miss Kendra Johnson was so humongous.Many famous people came to her last travel.As well all the people she ever helped,the partners of different companies she worked with and many other people as well that felt that she was good person.She left in peace without loose ends...
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